Sunday, July 23, 2017

Food & Wine

Gluten-Free Lemon-Almandine Purim Hamantashen

I used to use a similar version of this dough in my butter cookie recipe while I was the gluten-free product developer at a chain of restaurants in Arizona. The butter cookies were the bakery’s top-selling gluten-free item. People could not get enough of the buttery shortbread cookie with beautiful lemon and marzipan flavors from

Purim–Did You Just Say ‘Different Wines’?

With Purim approaching, we are looking for different, new wines to enjoy over the holiday. Different sure, but also good and interesting, of course. Different in the sense of interesting and diverse as some exciting kosher wines from all over the world have been released recently.


A Flavorful Night to Benefit EMUNAH

It is not often that one walks into a food event and thinks everything she tastes is absolutely amazing—without a single gripe about anything. That’s exactly the kind of reception Elizabeth Kurtz generated with her food demonstration, which was hosted at the home of White Plains resident Jamie Feit to support

Using Up Shabbat Leftovers

So it’s a Monday night, and I really shouldn’t have to cook because there is leftover sliced corned beef, brown rice with onions, roasted butternut squash, chicken soup and a kale salad. Sounds like a delicious meal, no? No. I guarantee you that if I put this delicious meal on the table I will get a raised eyebrow, a flared

Meatless Thursdays Is a Thing

Growing up, Thursday night dinner was always macaroni and cheese. It was a staple that could be counted on to please everyone and I looked forward to it as a favorite meal. I’m not talking about Wacky Mac, and I’m not talking about melting a slice of cheese over some noodles. I didn’t know it at the time, but a bechamel sauce

Scenes From the Kosher Food & Wine Experience

Prime West Officially Launches With Acclaimed French Chef

Prime KO on the Upper West Side is no longer. The restaurant recently rebranded as Prime West in its old West 85th Street location, and has brought acclaimed chef Edward Boarland from Paris to help implement its new vision.

Owner and founder Joey Allaham

Tofu Provides Relief from Chicken Every Night

How many nights in a row can you serve chicken to your family? I can probably get away with two for sure, but by the third night, it definitely has to be camouflaged or morphed into some other entity. You know the drill: chicken on the bone must be deboned, and chicken cutlets must be cut up into bite sized pieces or

Kayco-Kedem and Whole Foods to Provide New and Exclusive Kosher-for-Passover Items

Shoppers looking for the latest foodie trends or traditional products for Passover can count on finding dozens of new and exclusive kosher for Passover offerings at Whole Foods Market, thanks to Kedem Food Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor of kosher foods based in Bayonne, NJ.

‘The Kosher Baker’ Paula Shoyer Wows YINR’s Women’s League

The YINR Women’s League hosted its annual cooking demonstration last week with Celebrity chef Paula Shoyer, also known as the Kosher Baker. Shoyer has been a fixture in the kosher cooking scene, with her guest appearance in Food Network’s Sweet Genius in 2011, and as the author of

The Beauty of Advance Prep for Weeknight Dinners

So I had the opportunity to have a number of conversations about dinner this week. (No, I wasn’t talking to myself, although that was a good guess.) I spoke with young people, old people, people with kids, people with no kids, working people and stay-at-home people. (And I guess “people” is a euphemism for women.) The story

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrr! I know it’s the end of January and it shouldn’t be a big surprise, but what the heck happened to the weather? The mild November and December months truly gave me a false sense of security that maybe the winter would pass us by this year. I was so hopeful. Ah, well. As I get older, I realize I’m just going to have to

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