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8th Grade WDS Students Visit The Esplanade in White Plains

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WDS 6th Grader Beni Romm Regional Chidon HaTanach Champion

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Westchester Day School sixth grader Beni Romm recently earned a regional championship in the Chidon HaTanach competition. The Chidon HaTanach is an international competition in which students in sixth grade and above independently learn select pieces of Tanach and take written tests as evaluations. This years’ competition included portions of Sefer Shemot, Shmuel I, Megilat Esther, and Sefer Yonah. After completing three tests given since the beginning of the academic year, Beni earned the highest mark in his region, which included Yeshiva of Flatbush, Yeshiva of Central Queens, and Park East Day School.

Beni has always been a dedicated Torah student. Rabbi Chaim Marder, Rabbi of the...

Westchester Day School’s Aladdin Experience Sells Out

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Magic and mystery came to Westchester Day School on Sunday, March 15, as the WDS Playhouse performed a Hebrew-English adaptation of the hit movie and show “Aladdin.” Directed by four dedicated WDS teachers—Barbra Rosen, Ronit Korenblit, Jolanta Goldstein, and Deborah Freedman—students in grades four through six sang, danced, and showcased their incredible talent. The amazing set and remarkable costumes transformed Westchester Day School into Adraba in front of two sell-out crowds.

In an email circulated to the WDS parent body with access to a slideshow and streaming of the performance, the WDS administration said, “In addition to the extraordinary acting and singing...

SAR 3rd Grade Celebrates Native American Day

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SAR third graders were thoroughly immersed in workshops designed to teach them about the culture of the Eastern Woodland Indians. Their guides were familiar faces to SAR. Jamie, a Cherokee Indian, mesmerized the children with an array of objects such as tools, weapons, headdresses, pots, cradleboards, wampum belts, clothing, masks, and a longhouse. The children were impressed with the ingenuity used to make so much from the natural environment and the sensitivity shown to animals before they were killed. Prayers of forgiveness were said and an effort was made to use every part of the animal. Jamie also taught us how decoys were made when catching ducks, and each third grader made a...

Local Schools Work Together on Pre-Pesach Chesed Initiative

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In preparation for Pesach and in partnership with the Bronx Jewish Community Council, elderly across the entire county anxiously await “care packages” of groceries and other Passover food items. With the help of students in the three major Jewish schools in Bronx and Westchester counties, an extremely successful chesed operation was carried out and home-bound Jewish elderly received a heavy bag of delicious Pesach treats.

Through the leadership of Niti Minkove, the Director of Volunteers at the Bronx Jewish Community Council, bags of food were assembled by volunteer 6th graders from local days schools, including SAR and Westchester Day School. The packages included eggs, matzah...

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