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Stein Yeshiva Enjoys Pre-Purim Fun

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On Sunday March 5, Stein Yeshiva’s PTA held a festive pre-Purim costume party at the North East Jewish Center. The children made chocolate, strawberry and apricot hamantashen by rolling, pinching and filling the dough; parents and children made masks using various materials; and children danced and sang on the...

Bi-Cultural Chess Team Makes an Impressive Move

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The Bi-Cultural Day School chess team took an impressive third place overall in the NECA (National Educational Chess Association) Chess Tournament, held February 5 at Stamford’s Italian Center. Team members Nathan Tadiashvilli, Gabriel Haron and Eric Kwalwasser were among 75 students hoping to shout out “checkmate.” In addition to their team win, Tadiashvilli placed third and Haron placed fourth in the tournament’s primary open division. This follows the team’s fourth place win at the 32nd NECA Chess Tournament on December 11 at the King School in which 72 students participated. In that tournament, Kwalwasser raised high the first place trophy in the primary novice division...

MTA Honors College Is Fascinated by Einstein Epidemiologist

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On Thursday, February 23, Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ (MTA) Honors College was privileged to hear a presentation from Dr. H. Dean Hosgood Ph.D., M.P.H., a noted professor at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, on the topic of epidemiology. Dr. Hosgood introduced students to the field of epidemiology in general, which studies the health of a population as a whole, and to environmental epidemiology specifically, which looks at how the environment impacts a population’s health. Dr. Hosgood’s lecture was relevant to the subject of this year’s Honors College reading, the book Toms River, which discusses the effects of chemical pollution on the health of a New Jersey...

New Bi-Cultural Day School Program Speaks to the Heart

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The notion that Judaism is a way of life that is carried in one’s heart—that its core values and foundational concepts must become a part of life for children so that they may be guided by them as adults—is the catalyst behind a unique program introduced this year at Bi-Cultural Day School.

B’chol Levavecha (with all of your heart)—encourages students in grades three through eight to commit to memory central pieces of Judaic knowledge that will serve them well throughout their lives: for example, the brachot, the books of the Tanach, the pilgrimage festivals and the Hebrew months, as well as Judaic values and ideas, such as the three pillars of the world and what it means to be...

WDS Turns Upside Down for Purim

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Westchester Day School Middle School celebrated the lead-up to Purim with an amazing night of project based learning, collaboration and Purim spirit. The theme of this year’s v’nahafoch hu program was the Beit Hamikdash, as Purim is the holiday that occurred between the first and second Beit Hamikdash. Each grade was assigned a specific Beit Hamikdash along with a packet of sources about it. After several learning sessions each grade was tasked with visually representing what they had learned in an assigned hallway in the entrance to WDS. The first step was brainstorming as an entire grade and then the students divided into specific groups, each one with a task to accomplish...

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