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Carmel Academy Fifth Graders Lead a Greek Symposium

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Wearing Greek togas and laurel head wreaths, Carmel Academy’s fifth graders took their parents back in time to Ancient Greece as they led an exciting Greek symposium.

The symposium was the culmination of the students’ integrated study of ancient Greek civilization—a time period considered to be the foundation of...

Van Saun Park Zookeepers Visit RYNJ

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This past week fourth grade students had a special visit from staff members of the Van Saun Park Zoo in Paramus. The zookeepers taught the students about invertebrates and vertebrates, and how to classify different animals. All of the students were very excited to meet some of the animals the keepers brought in.

STEM Programming at MTA Leads the Way

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With the increasing importance of computer science and engineering, Yeshiva University High School for Boys continues to update its educational programming to best equip its students for the rapidly changing workforce and the changing times. As Dr. Seth Taylor, principal for General Studies explained, “STEM education needs to be part of any school curriculum since some familiarity with coding is becoming as important in the 21st century economy as reading and writing.” A recent grant from the Gruss foundation enabled MTA to upgrade its facilities and revamp curriculum to respond to this need.

Dr. Taylor, along with Head of School Rabbi Josh Kahn and others in the school...

Eight MTA Students Admitted to YU Early Decision

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Congratulations to the eight Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) students who were admitted to the Honors Programs at Yeshiva University during the Early Decision period. These students, by applying Early Decision, have committed themselves to attending YU even though they have the capability to be admitted to many Ivy League colleges. We wish them the best of luck and applaud their commitment to Torah Umadda.

TABC Students and Rebbeim Enjoy Pre-Chanukah Learning With Eighth Graders

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TABC ran a multi-tiered late night learning program, one for eighth graders and one for its current talmidim. Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam led off the program for the current talmidim with a Chanukah shiur. The two programs then intersected, as the TABC talmidim helped the visiting eighth graders prepare mekorot for a shiur by Rabbi Malitzky. Many TABC rebbeim were there as well, to act as both a resource and source of encouragement. After Rabbi Malitzky’s shiur, the eighth graders continued with an enjoyable night of cholent, Dougie’s and sports. Simultaneously, the current TABC talmidim heard shiurim from rabbis Nachbar and Blau, continuing the theme of inyanei Chanukah. They, too...

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