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Westchester Day School Students Explore the Revival of the Hebrew Language

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Westchester Day School Middle School students celebrated Shavua Hasafa HaIvrit, which falls on the 21st day of Tevet, the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda—the driving force behind the revival of the modern Hebrew language. As part of their curriculum about Jewish leaders, students learned about Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s...

When the Smartphone Has the Opposite Effect

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Author’s note: This article is a slightly adapted excerpt from a speech I gave at the Young Israel of New Rochelle on Shabbat, January 14. The context was the interaction that Jacob, our forefather, had with his children at the end of his life. While it does not directly deal with an educational challenge in our day schools, it is a challenge that impacts our community, and, as you will most probably agree, our children as well. The full speech begins with three values that Yaakov developed during his 17 years in Egypt: creativity, patience and strong relationships.

To read the full speech visit www.westchesterday.org/cellphones.

Over winter break, my family went skiing upstate...

Stein Yeshiva Early Childhood Celebrates Completion of Sefer Bereishit

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Mazel tov to the entire early childhood department at Stein Yeshiva on the completion of Sefer Bereishit and beginning of Sefer Shemot. The children celebrated with an early childhood-wide assembly where each child had the opportunity to “read” from the Torah. The children were so excited to see inside an actual sefer Torah and to find letters and words that they recognized.

Westchester Day School Hosts Day of Dialogue

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On Sunday, January 22, Westchester Day School hosted a Day of Dialogue to promote and practice respectful discourse, primarily among individuals and groups that may differ in significant ways. Westchester Day School was joined by the Larchmont Temple, Westchester Jewish Center, Sulam Yaakov and Chabad of Larchmont/Mamaroneck. Rabbis Jeffrey Sirkman and Beth Miller of Larchmont Temple, Rabbi Adir Yolkut of Westchester Jewish Center and Rabbi Mendel Silberstein of Chabad of Larchmont/Mamaroneck and Rabbi Joshua Lookstein of Westchester Day School taught classes on a variety of topics dealing with the subject of “The Dignity of Difference,” the title of an impactful book by former Chief...

WDS Commemorates MLK Jr. Day With Day of Service

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For the sixth year in a row, Westchester Day School commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a family day of service rooted in community service projects to benefit the local Westchester community. In advance of MLK Day, Westchester Day School collected food and clothing to be donated to the Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force and WJCS Kids’ Kloset. On Sunday morning, faculty and students stood outside Stop and Shop on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck to collect additional food from shoppers, and then the food and clothing was sorted and prepared for donation once everyone returned to WDS. Over 30 boxes of food and 30 bags of clothing were collected.

Rabbi Stephen Knapp, middle...

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