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Carmel Academy’s Eighth Grade Delves Into Afro-Caribbean Music

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On a recent afternoon Carmel Academy’s music room came alive as a group of eighth graders drummed on the congas, shook maracas, strummed guiros, struck clavas and joyously danced the Cuban-born Cha-Cha-Cha.

The students were bringing together their new knowledge about Afro-Caribbean music, a genre that they have been...

Wounded Soldier Shares Powerful Story With Carmel Academy Students

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Carmel Academy warmly welcomed Ohad Roisblatt, a former IDF commander, who spoke with the school’s seventh and eighth graders as part of a week-long series of “Honor Days”—where wounded Israeli soldiers visited schools and synagogues throughout the region.

Roisblatt spoke with Carmel’s oldest students about his experiences during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, when he was seriously wounded in Gaza. He talked about his mission in Gaza, his recovery, struggle with PTSD and the help he received to heal and embrace life.

The students asked many thoughtful questions after listening to Roisblatt’s powerful story. The program was a way for Carmel Academy to be part of Israel’s...

History Comes Alive for Westchester Day School Seventh Graders

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As part of the exciting middle school STEM curriculum, Westchester Day School seventh grade students had an opportunity to tour Thomas Edison’s laboratory at the National Historical Park in New Jersey. In addition to the STEM component, the trip included a historical piece, transporting students back in time to learn about the life of Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor in American history. Students participated in a special program called “Hollywood New Jersey.” They explored the history of motion pictures as it relates to Edison’s invention process and the creation of the kinetograph and the kinetoscope. They also had the opportunity to make their own movies.

Rabbi Stephen...

SAR’s Dr. Mark Shinar to Start Progressive School in Israel

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Riverdale—Dr. Mark Shinar, the director of general studies at SAR, will be making aliyah this summer to embark on an educational adventure with the founding of a new groundbreaking school.

Dr. Shinar has been part of the SAR Academy family for over a decade, where he began his career in 1999 teaching fifth grade general studies and eighth grade English. From 2003 to 2009, he brushed up his school administrative skills when he and his family relocated to Oakland, California, to serve as principal at Oakland Hebrew Day School. In 2009, he flew back to New York to rejoin SAR as its director of general studies, a role he’s held since.

“I love SAR,” he said. “It was a dream job...

Math Comes Alive at Carmel Academy

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On a recent afternoon, Carmel Academy’s faculty headed to the school’s athletic field, laced up their sneakers and ran a quarter mile while being cheered on by the entire student body.

The run was all in the name of math—a way to kick off a school-wide graphing project and one of the many ways that Carmel helps students connect math to the real world.

All teachers and students ran a quarter-mile fun run with a stopwatch in hand. The average time for each grade, along with the average time for the faculty as a whole, became the data that now populates an especially large bar graph outside the school’s lower school gymnasium. The students and teachers will do the same run...

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