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Israeli Team Among Five Finalists in Google’s Race to the Moon

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(TheTower.org Staff) An Israeli team was named as one of the five finalists for Google’s prestigious Lunar X-Prize, the technology giant announced on Tuesday.

Participants in the contest, which must be mainly funded by private sources, have until the end of 2017 to land a spacecraft on the moon’s surface, move it 500...

Europe Blames Israel for Gaza’s Humanitarian Situation

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(Hezki Baruch/Arutz Sheva) The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Tuesday voted by a majority of 46 to 12, with two abstentions, to approve a report blaming Israel for the humanitarian situation in Gaza and accusing Israel of “systematic and illegal” killings of Gazans.

The report accuses Israel of being involved in “incidents in which individuals who did not constitute an immediate danger to human life were killed deliberately, which constitutes a modus operandi of killing that is allegedly systematic and illegal.”

It further states: “We call on the EU to support the possibility of a formal investigation of the International Criminal Court if the findings show...

Israel Slated to Be Fourth Country to Land Vehicle on the Moon

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(Israel/Hayom/Exclusive to JNS.org) Israel is scheduled to become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon, with a launch planned for the end of 2017 by billionaire businessman Elon Musk’s SpaceX company.

The launch is set to send satellites from several other countries into space, but the Israeli spacecraft is the only one designed to continue to the moon. The dishwasher-sized spacecraft was built by the Israeli SpaceIL team for Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition, which aims to promote space technology and interest in the private sector. Thanks to advanced innovation and engineering, the Israeli team was the first to reserve a spot for a space launch out of 33 teams in the...

Spanish Courts Deal Double Blow to BDS Movement

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ACOM, an Israel lobby group that works to combat BDS in Spain, dealt a double blow to the boycott movement this past week after garnering two legal victories in municipalities in Madrid and Barcelona.

A Madrid court ruled against the City Council of Rivas Vaciamadrid, a town of some 80,000 inhabitants in Madrid, annulling a decision to boycott Israel.

In May 2016, the council adopted a BDS resolution not to sign “any political, commercial, agricultural, educational, cultural, sporting or security agreement or contract with Israeli institutions, companies and organizations, nor with bodies, companies and organizations that are involved, collaborate or in any way capitalize on the...

Truck Ramming Attack by Islamic Terrorist Leaves Four Israeli Soldiers Dead

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Jerusalem—The Tenth of Tevet, one of the sadder dates on the Jewish calendar, became even more tragic this year in the wake of the most recent vehicular attack in Israel’s capital. IDF soldiers, all of whom were destined for non-combat positions, were taken on a day trip in the midst of their officers’ course to see the ruins of the city whose destruction was being mourned that day. Meanwhile, a Muslim from the nearby hostile Jabel Mukaber village decided to drive his truck onto the paved area at Armon HaNetziv’s Haas Promenade where they were gathered, running over many of the 20-year-old cadets before he was neutralized by an onlooker. Four were left dead, and over 16...

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