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Mobilizing for Israel’s Injured Soldiers

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This past summer, as Israel was facing a wave of terrorism, a stolen car breached a checkpoint not far from Jerusalem. In the bedlam of the attack, the checkpoint’s commander, a Bedouin border patrol officer from the north of Israel, was seriously wounded.

The commander’s wife and several small children raced to...

State Department to Review Obama’s Last-Minute Aid to the PA

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The State Department confirmed to The Jewish Link that it is reviewing a last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send over $220 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the final hours of the Obama administration.

On Monday, The Associated Press published an article stating that then-President Barack Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released the money to the PA, in his last official act, just before Donald Trump became president.

The State Department said on Tuesday it would look at the payment and could make adjustments to ensure it complies with the Trump administration’s priorities.

“In a final act, then-Secretary of State John Kerry...

White House Mum on Latest Israeli Settlement Construction Announcement

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(JNS.org) In a departure from the Obama administration, the White House was mum on the latest announcement of Israeli settlement construction.

On Tuesday, Israel approved the construction of 2,500 new homes for settlers in Judea and Samaria, which was the largest announcement in several years.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer was silent on the Israeli announcement, a stark departure from the Obama administration that routinely criticized Israeli construction and considered it an obstacle to peace.

“Israel continues to be a huge ally of the United States,” Spicer said, without directly addressing the issue of settlements. “[Trump]...

Israeli Rape Victim Recognized as Victim of Hate Crime

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(Ilana Messika/TPS) A Jewish student who was sexually assaulted by a group of Palestinians was granted recognition as the victim of a “hate crime,” meaning she will be entitled to the benefits accorded to victims of terror.

Defense Ministry Attorney Yedidya Oron said the decision was based on the police investigation’s evidence, which demonstrated that the victim had been “attacked for being a Jew and therefore the incident must be understood as having a nationalistic background.”

In February 2008, the then-25-year-old woman was attacked by a group of Palestinians in a public garden near the Old City of Jerusalem. The perpetrators, minors at the time, surrounded, robbed, and...

Israeli Team Among Five Finalists in Google’s Race to the Moon

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(TheTower.org Staff) An Israeli team was named as one of the five finalists for Google’s prestigious Lunar X-Prize, the technology giant announced on Tuesday.

Participants in the contest, which must be mainly funded by private sources, have until the end of 2017 to land a spacecraft on the moon’s surface, move it 500 meters, and send back high-resolution images and videos to Earth.

In addition to Israel’s SpaceIL, finalists include teams from the United States, India, Japan and an international consortium called Synergy Moon, which features members from the original 33 groups.

The five finalists have all secured contracts on rockets to propel their landers to the moon. SpaceIL...

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