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Riverdale Jewish Community Plans Yom HaZikaron Commemoration

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The Riverdale Jewish community will again hold a community-wide Yom HaZikaron commemoration this year. The event will be held at the Riverdale Y, and will begin at 8pm on erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 30. The entire community is invited to join together at the Y for this communal observance, in honor of Israel’s fallen...

The Bayit Will Host Over 400 Seder Guests

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Passover is almost here. We prepare weeks in advance for one of the highlights in the Jewish calendar year. We scrub, we clean, we wash, we shine, we sweep, we vacuum, we kasher, we shop, we cook and then we celebrate…

But for some, the pre-Passover days do not always go as planned. Life happens and one finds him/herself in a different situation than expected. Whether you’ve recently moved to Riverdale, have family visiting for chag and do not have the space to host all of them at your table, lost a loved one, got injured or incapacitated or if you just don’t feel like spending the Seder on your own—join us at the Bayit!

For almost 25 years, the HIR (Hebrew Institute of...

Malkah Kaplan Dedicates Torah Cover to Lincoln Park JC to Honor Her Husband’s Memory

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Yonkers resident Malkah Kaplan presented a Torah mantle cover she created to honor the memory of her spouse, Dovid Kaplan. “The Torah mantle cover’s many symbols represents aspects of Judaism and Jewish observance that were of great importance to my husband Dovid, who owned several large talleisim (prayer shawls),” said Ms. Kaplan. “Dovid enjoyed wearing large talleisim because he was tall, a large man, who himself was a kohen, a member of the family of priests descended from the family of Aaron, brother of Moses. The prayer shawl motif in the middle represents one of the several talleisim that he owned and enjoyed wearing during daily prayer and on Jewish holidays. On top of...

Riverdale Politicos Address Discontented Dems

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Recently, four of Riverdale’s most powerful political figures, all Democrats, representing all levels of government, spoke at a town hall meeting to address the issues facing American Jews today, as well as everyday local concerns. The lineup included Congressman Eliot Engel, State Senator Jeffrey Klein, State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and City Councilman Andrew Cohen. Each spoke for a few minutes, after which the floor was opened to questions.

President Trump

Engel addressed the issues surrounding the new president first. His district includes northern Bronx and all of lower Westchester, comprising over 900,000 people, more than the populations of Boston or San Francisco. In...

Alan Secter Is Appointed New OHEL Chief Development Officer

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Moishe Hellman and Mel Zachter, Co-Presidents of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, announce the appointment of Alan Secter as the new chief development officer of OHEL.

Alan brings extensive, well-rounded fundraising and leadership experience to this role. Prior to joining OHEL, Alan served as executive director of annual giving & major gifts with Yeshiva University. He previously held the position of senior director in the Planned Giving and Endowments Department with the Jewish Federations of North America.

In his new position Alan will be responsible for achieving the fundraising goals for OHEL and Camp Kaylie, and will play a key role in completing the capital campaign...

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