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A Day of Independence

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Many of us have been in Israel and experienced the gut-wrenching emotions of Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day for soldiers and victims of terrorism.

We may even have memories from visits to Har Herzl, Israel’s largest military cemetery. And yesterday, May 11, Jewish community centers, schools and synagogues across...

Reconnecting With Mitzrayim This Pesach

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On Friday night when we sit down at our seder tables, it will matter less how we feel about the contentious presidential campaign, the hateful BDS movement, ISIS and the rise of European anti-Semitism.

Passover is a time to reset our spiritual clocks, when we retell the story of our ancestors’ exodus from the slavery of Egypt.

It’s sometimes a challenge to remember and focus on this pivotal story from year to year, with so much that has happened. Just days ago, a bus was blown up in Jerusalem, injuring 21 people. Palestinian terrorism is, again, at the forefront of our minds. Meanwhile, on the floor of the so-called “United” Nations, the Palestinian ambassador cannot bring...

Feeling All ‘Berned Out’

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Bernie Sanders, this nation’s first Jewish presidential candidate, could get no closer to the recent AIPAC Policy Conference than Utah, because of time constraints, according to his campaign.

Yet he comes to New York and is suddenly effusive in his Jewish pride. And where does he give this speech? In Harlem.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, who like Sanders is currently running second in his party’s presidential race, comes to New York and spends time making matzah at a Chabad school. No surprise. Cruz, an Evangelical Christian is an ardent supporter of Israel. His political track record has always shown that support.

How many of us have entered voting booths, not knowing some of the...

Candidates Do Not Exist in an AIPAC Vacuum

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The presidential candidates were on their game and said the right words. But though we may wish them to, candidates don’t exist in an AIPAC vacuum, and few of us are one-issue voters anyway.

Many of us have a history with these candidates going back decades.

The real decision we have to make is who is more likely to stick to their campaign promises, and who is more likely sell Israel down the river when a bigger payoff comes along. At least with Bernie Sanders, we know he was telling his truth, in his prepared remarks sent from Utah, when he explained that he cares for the plight of the Palestinians and feels the economic conditions in Gaza are deplorable. It may not help us that he...

Showing Respect for the U.S.-Israel Relationship

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Several years ago, the lower level of the Walter Washington Convention Center in our nation’s capital displayed, in vivid props and models, the process and timetable Iran was using in its quest to formulate military-grade nuclear capabilities.

The display was daunting and perhaps prophetic. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) virtually showed its thousands of attendees and the world, for that matter, the existential threat Iran posed to Israel and the West if it wasn’t stopped.

This coming Sunday, March 20, through Tuesday, March 22, over 15,000 supporters of Israel will again meet at the very same Convention Center in Washington, D.C., to take on the issues of...

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