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The Administration Doesn’t Have a Prayer

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“God Isn’t Fixing This.”

That was the controversial front-page headline of the New York Daily News a week ago.

The theme of the message was to take on largely Republican presidential candidates who urge Americans to keep the families and victims of terrorism in our prayers.

Our question: Why shouldn’t we keep the...

Finding Thankfulness During Tough Times

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This has been one of the most difficult times in recent memory for the world’s Jewish community and the world in general. Many of us are directly connected through family or friendships with

victims of Palestinian terror. Some
have close connections with Parisian Jews.

The recent terror touches us all even closer, even if we aren’t related or if we’ve never met any of the victims. We all know an Ezra Schwartz, a young Sharon, Massachusetts man, learning in a yeshiva, murdered by a terrorist in Israel. We also know a Hadar Buchris, a stabbing victim on Sunday, just starting out her young adult life in Israel.

If one Israeli is attacked, it’s as if we all are. If freedoms are...

#BDSfail: American BDS Advocates Visit Israel, Take Selfies, Use Amenities

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(israellycool) Anti-Israel nincompoops of the day: On Tuesday, November 10, at 11:30 am, Jewish Americans CODEPINK activists, Ariel Gold, of Ithaca, NY, and Ariel Vegosen, of Oakland, CA, unfurled a banner near the Kotel (Western Wall) reading, “American Jews support BDS.” Representing the women’s peace organization Code Pink, the activists’ goal was to express Jewish opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and endorse the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement as a nonviolent strategy to bring about a just peace in Palestine and Israel. Because nothing says “boycott Israel” like getting on a plane and traveling to Israel. And we suppose while in Israel...

‘Unliking’ Facebook

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On the site that is known for encouraging “Likes,” Facebook is incurring more than its share of dislikes from at least 20,000 Israelis and we’re sure countless more who see the popular social media site as not doing its part to prohibit the incitement of savage Palestinian violence against Jews.

We commend the lawsuit of the 20,000 (see story, Page 10) claiming that Facebook has a “legal and moral obligation to monitor and restrict racist incitement and calls to violence against Jews.”

The plaintiffs argue that Facebook is “far from a neutral or passive social media platform and cannot claim it is a mere bulletin board for other parties’ postings.”

The suit seeks an...

A Happy, Meaningful 5776

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This Sunday when the sun goes down and we begin the observance of Rosh Hashanah for the year 5776, we face the Almighty together as Jews.

It won’t be an issue of right wing or left. There will be no status given one’s social, economic or even political standing.

On Rosh Hashanah, we stand as equals, knowing that our judgment comes from Hashem. Our prayers for a good and sweet year come to a peak of sorts on Yom Kippur when the names in the Book of Life for the coming year are sealed.

We wish for all of you, our loyal readers, our dedicated advertisers and our beautiful New Jersey and New York Jewish communities a year of health, a year of spiritual and intellectual growth and a...

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