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‘Unliking’ Facebook

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On the site that is known for encouraging “Likes,” Facebook is incurring more than its share of dislikes from at least 20,000 Israelis and we’re sure countless more who see the popular social media site as not doing its part to prohibit the incitement of savage Palestinian violence against Jews.

We commend the lawsuit...

A Happy, Meaningful 5776

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This Sunday when the sun goes down and we begin the observance of Rosh Hashanah for the year 5776, we face the Almighty together as Jews.

It won’t be an issue of right wing or left. There will be no status given one’s social, economic or even political standing.

On Rosh Hashanah, we stand as equals, knowing that our judgment comes from Hashem. Our prayers for a good and sweet year come to a peak of sorts on Yom Kippur when the names in the Book of Life for the coming year are sealed.

We wish for all of you, our loyal readers, our dedicated advertisers and our beautiful New Jersey and New York Jewish communities a year of health, a year of spiritual and intellectual growth and a...

Kavod, Above All

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This is the month of Elul. It is the time when we as Jews are preparing ourselves for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In just a few weeks, we’ll be standing in front of Hashem next to our family members, friends and fellow congregants, in deep supplication, asking God, in the Unesaneh Tokef prayer, if tefillah, teshuvah and tzedekah will be enough to deflect an evil decree.

We certainly encourage discussion of any issue that emerges in our vibrant Jewish community. But the debate has, at times, become downright divisive. It used to be that we’d hear the words of our rabbis on Shabbos mornings ring out from the pulpit. Now those words are on the Internet, dissected and either criticized...

In Memory of Yossi Piamenta z”l

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The Jewish Link is saddened by the passing of famed Jewish guitarist and singer Yossi Piamenta. He was 64.

Yossi had performed at thousands of simchas during the course of his illustrious 35-year music career. His songs are recognized by many, and are still played at weddings by Jewish performers across the world. Prior to his death on Sunday, he had been battling a debilitating illness for more than a year, as fans the world over continued to pray for his recovery.

Piamenta was born in Jerusalem in 1951, and in 1962 moved with his family to Tel Aviv. In the 1970s, he moved to New York with his brother, Avi Piamenta, where he remained for over 20 years before returning to Israel to...

In Memory of Coby Burstein z”l

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Editor’s Note: Oleh Coby Burstein tragically passed away in a traffic accident near Ramat Beit Shemesh. Originally from Monsey, Coby, 25, was a 2007 graduate of The Frisch School, and a Lone Soldier in the IDF along with his two brothers Ariel and Oren, who graduated Frisch in 2009 and 2013. Another brother, Chanan, is a current student at Frisch. Coby is also survived by his wife Yael (Citroen), a former SAR Fellow, and his parents, Joel and Susan Burstein. Coby was a member of the Sayeret Givati Brigade.


In this world there are dreams and there are dreamers. But then there are dreamers who don’t let their dreams stay dreams. Last night we tragically lost one such individual...

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