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What the Proposed Changes in UPK Really Mean for Our Community

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The Universal Pre-K program introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this year has been historic in many ways and certainly represents a tremendous opportunity for early childhood education in New York City. But once it was implemented, it eventually became clear that the Orthodox community wouldn’t benefit as much as had...

Op-Ed: To Speak or Not to Speak

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Feb 20, 2015

A controversial topic in the news is whether or not Prime Minister Netanyahu should give his planned speech to Congress.

It is important to first acknowledge how far we have come in limiting Iran economically. The Iranian currency has plummeted, their exports and GDP have suffered, and their currency reserves are dangerously close to default. Congress deserves credit, but so does the Obama Administration. This President embraced the Iran sanctions legislation passed during his first term in office, and worked with other countries to make it effective. No other President has enforced sanctions against Iran as competently as President Obama.

Iran is an expansionist Terrorist...

Make Your Voice Heard In Israel, Participate in WZO Elections

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Cast your ballots for VoteTorah.org

Once every four to eight years Jews in the Diaspora have the opportunity to vote for the future directions and programs of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the Jewish Agency. The WZO determines the structure of the Jewish Agency, the executive governing body of the World Zionist Organization. The guidelines for the actual policies of the next four years are legislated by the World Zionist Congress and executed by the Jewish Agency and its various departments.  The Jewish Agency, in turn, works in cooperation with the Israeli government and with the local Jewish communities the world over. The Jewish Agency, therefore, is the actual...

Welcome to the Jewish Link BWC

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It is with great pride and joy that we present the first edition of our new free bi-weekly community newspaper, The Jewish Link of The Bronx, Westchester & Connecticut (aka The Jewish Link or JLBWC, modeled after the successful Jewish Link of New Jersey).

The primary mission of The Jewish Link is to give a much needed voice to our uniquely diverse, highly engaged and vibrant growing Jewish community and to contribute positively towards its continued growth in the years to come. We are also hoping to help unify the individual local communities that make up our larger Jewish communal footprint, specifically Riverdale, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, White Plains, Stamford, Pelham Parkway...

You’re in the Army Now

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When we think back over our lives and choose our personal highlight clips, there are a few usual suspects in that list of top-ten web gems. These include weddings, births, graduations, etc. Allow me a comment about graduations. As a teacher and parent I go to a lot of graduations. They are not usually my favorite events. All too often they are too long, too boring, and too pompous. I have successfully avoided my own since middle school (which we called junior high school back then), and that’s a number of decades ago. But I’ve had less luck in my professional and parental life. However, as an Israeli citizen, I must add another occasion to the regular list, and that is the Tekes...

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