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New WIJS Program at Young Israel of New Rochelle

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New Rochelle—Women’s Initiative for Jewish Studies (WIJS) is a new program with the mission of introducing outstanding women Jewish studies scholars to the Westchester (and beyond) community.  This ongoing program will feature speakers from both the United States and Israel through a series of weeknight lectures held...

Ferkauf Graduate School Wins Innovative Training Award

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New York–Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology’s Older Adult Program has received the 2014 Innovative Training Award from the Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs. The national award, created in 2011, is given to one program each year that demonstrates excellence and creativity in geropsychology training and is meant to encourage innovative training in the field.

Directed by Dr. Richard Zweig, associate professor at Ferkauf and the Council’s past chair, the program is a collaborative effort between the faculty of Ferkauf, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Jacobi Hospital Medical Center. Ferkauf is the only site in the New York...

YI Scarsdale: Please Save the Date for Tikkun Olam

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Scarsdale—Teens and adults who would like to do some Tikkun Olam by caring for the homeless are asked to save Saturday evening, February 28 so they can participate in  MIDNIGHT RUNS--one for teens and one for adults

Midnight Run is a Westchester organization that, for 20 years, has been organizing trips into New York City for volunteers who offer food, clothing and toiletries to homeless people. In preparation for the run YIS will be holding a clothing and toiletries drive in the shul in the weeks before the event.

Volunteers are asked to arrive at YIS at on the 28th at 7:30 p.m. to help prepare and deliver packages for the homeless. All are invited. Participation in the actual run...

Five Rashis, Beshalach: Success and Failure at Accepting Hashem’s Help

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A project in memory of Baruch Leib HaKohen b. Mordechai Yidel ve-Dobba Chaya

I’m not sure there’s a big theme this week. If there is, it’s that we begin to see the complications of living in a world where Hashem is there and helping, but we are meant to make our contributions as well. That figures in our experience of war, in one rabbi’s experience of non-Jews (and their failure to acknowledge Hashem), in Rashi’s insertions of the parah adumah where it doesn’t obviously belong, and in the Jews’ experience of the manna, along with its lessons for the rest of Jewish history.

Giving Room to Succeed, Even When We’ll Fail

Early on, 13;17, this week’s parsha notes that...

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