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Letters to the Editor

Choice in Education Helps Hold Educators Accountable to Parents

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We have been informed by those who have been working on school vouchers for many years that they have finally succeeded in having a bill sponsored in Congress that can serve as a model and trailblazer for all 50 states. Although the bill only provides school vouchers in the District of Columbia, which comes directly under the...

The OU’s Silence Regarding President Trump’s Holocaust Statement Is Worrisome

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The Orthodox Union’s silence on the White House’s deliberate omission of the Jewish people’s unique persecution during the Holocaust is incredibly unsettling.

This is not the first time the OU has shied away from critiquing the Trump administration. David Friedman, Trump’s choice to be the American ambassador to Israel, has slandered Jewish supporters of a two-state solution as being “kapos”—in fact, worse than kapos—calling them neither Jewish nor Zionists. Yet the OU remained deafeningly silent in the wake of these horrifying words attacking members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

By failing to criticize President Trump and his administration in this disturbing move...

Obama’s Antagonistic Anti-Israel Moves Continue to the End

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If there was ever a reason to defend former President Barack Obama's record on Israel, then there is also every reason to feel betrayed.

Indeed, Obama proved his mettle when just hours before the swearing in of Donald Trump as this nation’s 45th president, Obama was secretly having his crony, Secretary of State John Kerry, wire some $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.

These were funds that still were under review by Congress, yet Obama made it his priority to turn them over to the Palestinians. The funds are coming from the U.S. Agency for International Development to be used for “humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza and to support political and security reforms to help...

The Late Show (In Defense of Late Maariv)

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“Hey! Where do you think you’re


Someone stopped me dead in my tracks as I thought I was making a quick exit.

I was leaving synagogue between Mincha and Maariv, the afternoon and evening prayers, which are often done back-to-back in Orthodox synagogues. Now, the person stopping me was a friend and he was half joking. But I believe he was truly curious and concerned as to why I did not stay after afternoon services for evening services like everyone else there. Why walk out of the synagogue before another service was about to start?

Having the two prayer services back to back is the most expeditious and efficient way to do it. It saves people from driving back and forth to...

A Simple Solution to Loud Music Problems at Simchas

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“What Your Wedding Band Wishes You Knew,” (The Jewish Link, November 17, 2016) says, “People often say the music is too loud.” The bands or the author go on to excuse this by talking about keeping the crowd moving. But does anyone ever complain that the music is not loud enough? If not, then clearly the crowd does not want to be subjected to such loud music, and the decision should be up to the crowd, not the band.

I suggest that we all do what I did when I hired a band for my son’s wedding. Write a clause into the contract saying that if the person hiring the band wants the volume turned down, the band will do so or not get paid.

Emil M Friedman, PhD

Hillside, NJ

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