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Letters to the Editor

Survivor Shares His Holocaust Story With Local Children

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Alton Adler of Fort Lee, New Jersey, father of Risa Lefkowitz, a media sales representative for The Jewish Link of New Jersey, shows his tattoo from Birkenau, B14730, to a group of engrossed youngsters who met him by chance just prior to Yom Hashoah. Adler shared the saga of his deportation, shortly after his Bar Mitzvah...

Letter to the Editor

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ARCC to Launch Survey,

Not Testing, on BRCA Gene

Regarding the Jewish Link article, “ARCC and Columbia Medical Center Launch Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene” (March 31, 2016), we were so pleased to be able, through the Jewish Link of New Jersey and the Jewish Link of Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut, to alert the community to this important online survey about women’s health and breast cancer, which the Institute for Applied Research and Community Collaboration (ARCC) is conducting in partnership with Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). However, it is important to let your readers know that the headline was printed with an error: ARCC and CUMC are not launching...

Letters to the Editor

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Thanksgiving and

Giving Thanks

Recently, I heard someone say: “Thanksgiving? It’s not my religion.” It isn’t? Since when is “giving thanks” not part of every religion? Don’t we say Tov lehodot l’Hashem (It is good to give thanks to God)? How much thanks do we owe Him for giving us the United States of America, a land of freedom that has given shelter to the “huddled masses yearning to be free,” where our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents escaped anti-Semitism and persecution in Germany, Poland, Russia and other foreign countries?

If not for the USA, chances are many of us would never have been born. I remember my grandparents, who escaped from Belarus...

Letters to the Editor

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The Hard Left’s

Only Sin Is Dissent

Among other things, the piece reinforces a thought that occurred to me after Yom Kippur, that for the hard left, there is only one sin: dissenting from the hard left’s policies and program. The manifesto of the hard left can, I think, be summed up in one sentence: No dissent from our diktat is permitted.

See Mazzig’s contention in the September 24 issue of the Jewish Link, (“An Israeli Leftist to J Street: Stop!”) that J Streeters “feel entitled to tell us, Israelis, what to do. When we think differently, they will arrogantly dismiss us as people who do not know what is best for our own welfare.”

Mr. Mazzig, of course, restricts this...

Letters to the Editor

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Classic ‘Straw Man’ Attack on Rav Willig

I am writing to object, on both Jewish and journalistic grounds, to the Jewish Link’s publication of Shira Hecht and Aaron Koller’s essay, “New Circumstances Demand New Halachic Views: A Response to Rabbi Mordechai Willig” (Aug. 27, 2015). A Jewish family newspaper is not a presidential primary, wherein one candidate gets to describe, and thereby define, another’s position in order to criticize it. Jewish ethics, and even journalistic ethics, call for a higher standard.

To begin with, the authors ought to provide some quotes from the very essay (Rav Willig’s “Trampled Laws”) they are supposedly responding to. They do not...

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