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Is the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Shifting From a Political to a Religious War?

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Near-daily Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers have been ongoing since October. This “new kind of terrorism,” as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described it, might mean more knives and less suicide bombings, but it is all part of the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Why the recent...

The Oppression of Parking Tickets

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The Arab journalist whom the New York Times has hired to report on Israel has come up with the most “terrifying” example yet of Israeli oppression: the issuing of parking tickets to Palestinians.

The reporter, Diaa Hadid, who describes herself as “an Australian of Lebanese & Egyptian descent,” previously served as public relations officer for the pro-Palestinian group “Ittijah.” Its director, Amir Makhloul, is in an Israeli prison for espionage on behalf of Hezbollah terrorists.

Hadid’s resume also includes a stint as a columnist for the anti-Israel website “Electronic Intifada.” With that kind of track record, you almost expect her articles for the Times to exhibit a...

Radical Ideology, Not ‘Economic Strain’ Is the Root Cause Terrorism

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In an interview on CBS-TV’s “This Morning” last week, President Obama outlined his theory of the causes of terrorism: climate change is straining natural resources around the world, and “when people are not able to make a living or take care of their families,” they become “desperate,” and “as human beings are placed under strain, then bad things happen.”

The next day, a middle-class Muslim couple who were not under any evident financial strain and were perfectly capable of taking care of their six-month old daughter, decided to massacre fourteen people in San Bernardino, California. The terrorist, Syed Farook, was not “desperate.” He was a graduate of California...

An Open Letter to the RCA

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I honestly understand why members of the Rabbinical Council of America were compelled to make another public statement on the matter of female clergy. Although I may not have done the same, I definitely get it. However, I feel compelled to write to you about one bothersome aspect of the most recent resolution.

I personally lack the knowledge, erudition or authority to discuss the validity of semicha for females. However, I have been a Jewish educator for a number of years and your resolution directly addresses the world of chinuch. As the resolution states:

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America... resolves to educate and inform our community that RCA members with positions in...

Why Evil Must Be Destroyed

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Evil is as old as the world itself. The sixth chapter of Genesis tells the story of Noah, in which the evil, as embodied by an entire civilization, is condemned by God and then extirpated by a divinely inspired act of nature. The lesson of the Noah story is two-fold: humanity is capable of base evil; and the only way to cleanse that evil is total destruction.

The Paris bloodshed is yet another battleground in a clash of civilizations, the West on the one hand pitted against radical Islam on the other, that will have to be fought to the end. There will be a victor, and there will be the vanquished, and the only question before us is who will win. Much to the chagrin of the apologists (and...

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