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The Value of Orthodox Women Leaders

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“You’ve come a long way, baby” is the slogan coined by the Leo Burnett Agency in 1968 for a thinner, more feminine smoke produced by the Phillip Morris Company for the Virginia Slims brand cigarette. The campaign was unusually successful in marketing cigarettes by tickling a soft spot on the American psyche that was...

Haven’t Felt the Same Since

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Twenty years ago on a Shabbos afternoon, my home phone started ringing. We did not have caller ID back then, but it was highly unusual that the phone rang with almost annoying regularity. We were living in Southfield, a Detroit suburb, on November, 4, 1995.

I was going to be covering an evening Book Fair at the West Bloomfield Jewish Community Center. I was looking forward to meeting authors and interviewing community members.

But all of that changed.

As soon as Havdalah was completed, I turned on our answering machine to hear caller after caller from friends and colleagues relate the news that would take my breath away. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by Jewish extremist...

Chabad of Riverdale to Offer Free Relationship Workshop

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The Chabad of Riverdale will be hosting a relationship workshop on Saturday evening, October 31 at 8:30 p.m. Men and women are welcome to hear presenter Rivki Rosenwald, a couples and dating coach and a life-skills advisor, talk about marriages that last a lifetime.

The event is sponsored by the S.H.A.L.O.M. Workshop (Starting Healthy And LOng-lasting Marriages), a highly successful marital-education program for a healthy and successful marriage. Many hundreds of engaged and newly married couples have attended this innovative workshop that teaches them how to increase understanding and sensitivity to each other’s feelings, communicate effectively, build a sense of mutual respect...

The International Beit Din Controversy: A Statement and a Proposal

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The decisions of the International Beit Din for Agunot (IBD) have generated powerful rabbinic critiques and countervailing declarations of unconditional support. Because the freedom of specific women is in dispute, and because the line of engagement runs roughly along the RIETS/YCT border, we cannot afford to dismiss these disagreements as mere intramural rabbinic squabbling.

Here are five things that everyone should understand about the controversy:

1) The teshuvot published on the IBD website are inadequate. They do a poor job writing up the facts, and make insufficient arguments. A serious scholar who had only read the teshuvot, and had no relationship with or experience of the...

A Different Sukkot Message

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As we prepare for Sukkot, we understand that part of the symbolism of our sukkahs is the fragility of life, and knowing that, we can look upward and see the night stars while we enjoy a holiday meal with friends and family.

Underneath those same stars we are witnessing what cannot be considered anything less than a catastrophe of human suffering not seen since World War II. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, coming largely from the civil wars that have torn the maps of Syria and Iraq to shreds, have taken their toll in terms of human lives.

We say with pride that Israelis, largely through the charity group IsraAid, are on the ground in Greece and Serbia/Croatia distributing clean water...

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