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The Midbar—a Place of Change

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Parshat Bamidbar

Sefer Bamidbar, the Book of Numbers, gets its English title from the Greek translation of Chazal’s appellation of the book, Sefer Hapekudim, the Book of Numbers. The opening words of our haftarah, therefore, are quite fitting, as the navi Amos begins with the promise “V’hayah mispar Bnei Yisrael”...

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

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“It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film embedded in the psyche of every American. It teaches the need to silence outside noise in order to arrive at one’s essence. On Shavuot we were given the advantage that God Himself expunged the outside noise and brought silence to the world by Matan Torah, but during the rest of the year that’s our job.

This idea can be drawn out of the writings of my first cousin, Rabbi Yaakov Nagen (Genack), rosh kollel at Yeshivat Otniel.

He writes that in the Shavuot davening we describe the Yom Tov as “the time of the giving of the Torah.” However, according to the Zohar, every day God teaches the Torah anew, implying the Torah is transmitted each day...

Yachad’s Northeast Family Shabbaton Touches Over 1,000

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Over 1,000 people from 120 families attended Yachad’s Northeast Family Shabbaton on May 5-7 at Crowne Plaza in Stamford, Connecticut, and 140 volunteer staff helped to make the event a success.

“Yachad takes great pride in being able to host a weekend devoted to families of individuals with disabilities, providing daycare, child care and programming for all children in attendance, allowing the parents and caregivers to focus on the workshops and experts presenting,” said Ahron Rosenthal, director of Yachad New York.

The event had something for everyone in the family. Sessions and networking opportunities for parents, support groups for parents and siblings, programing for...

Study Equates Prenuptial Agreements With Marital Satisfaction in Orthodox Community

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New York—A recently published study found a higher level of marital satisfaction among Orthodox Jews who signed a religious prenuptial agreement. It also found that signing an agreement was not associated with potential concerns; there was no greater tendency among signees to have a difficult adjustment to marriage or to consider divorce.

The study, conducted at Yeshiva University’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration and supported by the Beth Din of America, compared marital satisfaction, marital adjustment and consideration of divorce among individuals who signed or did not sign the agreement that facilitates a women’s future ability to receive a...

Share Your ‘Big Day’ With Those Less Fortunate

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In anticipation of their big day, Ronit and Binny are not only focusing on their invitations, caterer, band etc., they are also thinking about how they can make their special day even more meaningful. In planning their wedding, they are working to arrange the donation of all the surplus food from their celebration to those less fortunate in Israel.

“In my mind I think to myself—there is so much food made for weddings and so much left over. Why shouldn’t other people be able to eat and benefit from our simcha (celebration), especially if they themselves can’t afford a plate of food. Leket, you are absolutely incredible in what you do—thank you for making our deeply special day...
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