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Teaching Kindness: Are We Talking About It at Home?

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Kindness is the number one value I emphasize at home to my children. I don’t ask them what grade they got on their test. I don’t ask them what they learned today. I don’t navigate their social experiences. I don’t tell them that if they studied they could have done bettter (or at least not at the moment). I ask them...

My Purim Plan

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Clients as well as members of our community have been reaching out to me for advice regarding Purim. The abundance of candy, baked goods and nosh that enters our home on this one day can be particularly challenging. And that is before we sit down to a large meal that includes a wealth of food and drinks.

In response, I share with you, my readers, my personal Purim plan, which I formulated last year but served me so well I plan to follow my own advice this year as well.

Before I begin I feel it is imperative to mention that all of you are different. You have different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses and are at different points on your journey to health and...

Kaddish in Panama

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Any time I’ve told someone the story of my travels to Panama during the year that I was saying Kaddish for my father the responses were almost always “That’s a great story” and “You should write it down so you don’t forget it.” For many years I’ve intended to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard if you will, but somehow never managed to attempt the task. As the tenth Yahrzeit for my father, Dr. Mitchell Greenbaum, a”h, was approaching, I thought, “If I don’t write it now I may never get to it, and I’ll likely forget some of the colorful details as well.”

When my father passed away in February 2007 I was fortunate enough (and still am) to be working at a...

My Dinner at Nothing: Dining at the World’s Most Exclusive Kosher Restaurant

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I was on the Whitestone Bridge on my way to JFK to catch a flight to Israel, when I got the call. A masculine voice, with a slight yeshivish accent, simply said, “There was a cancellation. We have a spot for you at Nothing tonight at eight if you want it.” I debated for a moment as to whether it was a crank call or not; but then I decided it was worth the risk. I got off at the next exit and turned around to head back to New Jersey.

I had been wanting to dine at the legendary Nothing ever since I first heard about it a year ago. Nothing, the brainchild of autodidactic wunder-chef Yankel Gornisht, is a 12-seat kosher restaurant located in the basement of Gornisht’s suburban...

New In-Depth Genealogical Tool

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“We Know Where You’re Frum” Industries has launched its latest genealogical tool.

Want to know what part of the Pale of Settlement you actually came from? Or were your ancestors on that ship from Recife, Brazil, that landed in New Amsterdam? Did your family keep kosher? Shabbos? Shatnez?

Well, We Know Where You’re Frum can answer those questions.

Simply send us $1,800 for your “We Know Where You’re Frum” kit. Take the enclosed cotton swab and swipe the inside of the pot your bubbe cooked her compote in. You know, the pot that’s been in the family for generations and despite your best efforts to clean it, still has that smell. Send the swab back in the specially sealed...

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