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For Kids With Reading Disabilities, Pesach Could Be a Recipe for Anxiety

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Here’s how to prevent uncomfortable situations during the seder when your child has dyslexia or another reading disability

There’s a lot of reading involved in a haggadah, which can make the Pesach seder exhausting for the average child. For the child with reading disabilities, it can be highly anxiety...

Enjoy ‘Redemption, Then and Now’ at Your Seder

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Review of Redemption, Then and Now: Pesah Haggada With Essays and Commentary. By Rabbi Benjamin Blech. Hardcover. 318 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 978 1-940516-738

For Passover 2017, the best-selling author of several books on Judaism now shares his insights into Seder night with the world. “Redemption, Then and Now” features the complete haggadah text alongside Rabbi Blech’s fascinating commentary and essays that explore the themes of the Passover holiday.

Like many Haggadot under the Koren publishing house, this edition is double-sided: The Hebrew side comprises the Koren haggadah and translation, accompanied by the author’s commentary; the English side includes 23 short essays on...

Camp 613 Is Ready for Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and the staff at Camp 613 couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store! Camp 613 is located at Lifeplex Health Club, in Monsey, New York. Now in its 16th season of operation and in its 10th season at Lifeplex, Camp 613 continues to expand its outstanding programming in a facility that is truly one of a kind. The impressive grounds are home to an indoor Olympic-sized ice skating rink, indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, rock-climbing wall, indoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, indoor dance and gymnastics studios, indoor & outdoor visual arts studios and outdoor sports field, as well as a new culinary program, boys’ music program...

Tips for a Peaceful Home on Yom Tov

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A number of years ago, a parent of teenagers and adult children once told a group at a Shabbos table that she was going to suggest that famed children’s book writers Stan and Jan Berenstain (now, sadly, gone) write a new book called the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Yuntif.

While an ideal Pesach might present an image of a perfectly arranged Yom Tov—a table set beautifully, with children sitting quietly with their parents in pristine new clothing—this might not be exactly the case the next day, after the kids have been up half the night and had their schedule turned upside down. Plus, their favorite Cheerios has been replaced with something strange.

Yom Tov, and Pesach in...

Is Personal Style Born or Made?

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The first new sofa I ever bought was for a bachelorette pad I rented in my mid-20s. I had previously lived with roommates, lounging on garage-sale finds and exercising first-job thrift. I was finally becoming a grown-up with a career in the city and I wanted my apartment to look as groovy as my idol Mary Tyler Moore’s digs on TV. She was the consummate professional woman after all. Mary’s bright studio apartment with the tiny kitchenette and dual platform dressing and sleeping areas was a bold and modern statement. Although shag carpeting was out of favor at this point in time, I knew I wanted something cool. So I set out to shop for furniture, excited by the chance to show the...

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