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New In-Depth Genealogical Tool

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“We Know Where You’re Frum” Industries has launched its latest genealogical tool.

Want to know what part of the Pale of Settlement you actually came from? Or were your ancestors on that ship from Recife, Brazil, that landed in New Amsterdam? Did your family keep kosher? Shabbos? Shatnez?

Well, We Know Where You’re...

New Daf Yearly Program to Begin in Riverdale

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Rabbi Velvel Slo has announced the start of a new Daf Yearly learning program in Riverdale. The new program will be modelled on Daf Yomi, except that participants will learn one Daf of Gemara every year rather than every day.  Rabbi Slo explained that this would permit very intense and thorough Talmud study and should be compatible with most people’s hectic lifestyles.

“Even the most reluctant and lethargic learner should be able to adapt to this less demanding schedule,” Rabbi Slo explained. “Even someone who falls behind a year or two should be able to catch up in a short time.” Rabbi Slo estimated that the entire SHAS would be completed in about 2700 years, and he...

Wedding of Esther HaMalka and Donald Ahasverous

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Mordechai HaTzadik has announced the marriage of his niece, Esther, to Donald Ahasverous, a real estate developer who recently became CEO of many of the world’s largest corporations .  The ceremony took place at Trump Palace, residence of the groom, where the couple will live.  Ahasverous met Esther after she won the Miss Universe Pageant, a contest he produced. “She was the most beautiful of all the thousands of girls I forced to attend,” he said. “I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.” It is rumored that many of the groom’s former girlfriends still live in his yuuuge multi-floor dwelling in the palace, but Esther will have her own suite and servants.

This is the...

Respecting the Sensitive, Nuanced Work of the OU and Their Poskim

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I was pleased by the overall tone and much of the content of the article (“Reflections on the Current Debate on Women’s Professional Spiritual Leadership”) written by my colleagues Rabbis Adler, Helfgot, Marder, Mintz and Starr. It is admirable that while the majority of them have professional affiliations with Yeshivat Chovevei Torah or Yeshivat Maharat, they have simultaneously remained dedicated members of the RCA. I respect their desire to be a bridge in some of the ongoing challenges in our community.

As president of the RCA, I have worked with many of my colleagues, including some of these fine rabbis, to quiet the rhetoric that too often emanates from both extremes within...

On Children and Tefillah

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Approximately 13 years ago, as a representative of a Jewish foundation, I was running a Yom Tov seminar for local Jewish teens in Munich, Germany. Fifty children came to the main synagogue on Reichenbachstrasse for tefillah, and my daughter, Davida, who was three years old at the time, joined us as well. It was rare to have so many people present in shul, and it was inspiring to be able to be part of a group, in a place that had seen so much destruction, that was seeing a small revival. During Kedusha, Davida climbed up to the bima and was thoroughly enjoying herself until the rabbi stopped the tefillah. He had the shul wait in silence while she was brought back to her seat so that an...

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