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Beloved Rebbetzin Ruth Schonfeld’s Petira Saddens Many Communities

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Asara B’Tevet, marked this year on Sunday, January 8, commemorated a national disaster for klal Yisrael when the Babylonians first surrounded the Beit Hamikdash with towers for two and a half years and instilled fear in Yerushalayim’s inhabitants. One day later, on January 9, communities within the United States as well...

Music in Jewish Day Schools

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Music is an integral part of a young person’s life. Most students in Jewish day schools will sing a Jewish song in tefillah at least once a day, and many of those same students will engage in some sort of musical activity, whether it be tapping a pencil, singing a harmony or reviewing a section of Fur Elise on the piano, at least once a week.

However, while in school, students in Jewish day schools are busy! Challenged by a dual curriculum and a long school day, the young men and women who hold the key to the future of the Jewish people have a lot to juggle. In turn, their teachers work hard to develop creative and enticing lessons, designed to reach every child at every level of...

Speak of Nothing

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It’s almost January 16, and do you know what day that is? That’s right: It’s National Nothing Day.

Don’t pretend. You did not know that. In fact, you’re probably saying, “I thought every day was National Nothing Day.”

But it’s true. I was looking through an extended list of national holidays—which is what you do when you need a topic and it’s the end of the week—and there it was. You would not believe some of the holidays on this list—there’s at least one for every day of the calendar. For example, I noticed that January 10 was National Peculiar People Day, and that not one person sent me a card. Very nice.

Who decides on these holidays? Because I don’t...

Pesach in Vallarta

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Typically, after winter break, the next big vacation begins to loom in the minds of the Jewish community—the often-dreaded Pesach holiday. The intense cleaning, the precise kashering, the shopping for both clothing and overpriced food, not to mention the cooking marathon, leave very little time to enjoy any sense of freedom, the holiday’s real message.

Enter “Pesach in Vallarta,” a program like no other. Situated in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, The Grand Fiesta Americana hotel is transformed into an entirely kosher oceanfront oasis of warm afternoons and tranquil nights, with a staff whose singular purpose is to make your stay enjoyable. It is easy to quickly slip...

Israel Spotlight: Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman is studying in Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in Ramat Bet Shemesh. He is from Scarsdale, and attended Westchester Day School for elementary school and SAR for high school. His family davens at Young Israel of Scarsdale.

His next stop? New York University.

Why did you choose Lev Hatorah?

Choosing a yeshiva wasn’t by any means easy, but it was about narrowing down the choice to whichever programs offered what I was looking for. One of the many reasons I chose Lev Hatorah is the personal connection with the rabeim—just from the interview, I connected with the school’s menahel, Rav Cytrin, who conducted my interview. I learned about the opportunity to develop a personal...

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