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Eating Out During Pesach: Ashkenazim at the Homes of Sephardim

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Jewish communities throughout the world and especially in Israel have been blessed in recent decades to have Sephardim and Ashkenazim living in the same communities.  There is even a high percentage of marriages between Sephardim and Ashkenazim leading to a variety of questions dealing with the variations in their Halachic...

Six New Thoughts to Bring to Your Seder

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One of the greatest Jewish thinkers and Talmudic teachers of this generation was the intellectual giant Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik. A most influential spiritual teacher, who ignited the Jewish world with song and spirited hasidic teachings was the trailblazing rabbi, Shlomo Carlebach. The saintly Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook served as the first chief rabbi of pre-state Israel and was known for his deep love and compassion for every Jew. The following six Passover insights are a sampling of their unique Jewish voices.


The central mitzvah of the Seder is to tell the story of leaving Egypt. Our Sages term the telling of the story, in Hebrew...

Celebrating the Spring Holiday in Jerusalem, an Ancient and Modern Cultural Oasis

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JERUSALEM—“Guard the spring month and bring a Pesach to G-d, for in that month of spring, G-d took you out of Egypt…” (Devarim 16:1)

With the annual celebration of Pesach rapidly approaching, but the onset of spring in the New York area all too far away, many more are expected to adopt the custom of the over 400,000 tourists who decided to spend hag ha’aviv (the spring festival) in Israel last year. Aside from the obvious weather differential (latest weather reports predict sunny skies and temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the first day of Pesach in Jerusalem), Israel, and more specifically Jerusalem, has always been a traditional destination for Jewish tourists...

Kosher for Passover in Israel

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We were at Sachne one day last Passover. Sachne, also known as “The Park of the Three Pools,” is located near Beit Shahn in the Lower Galilee. It was a beautiful day, and the place was packed with both Jews and Arabs, religious people and non-religious. The kids had a lot of fun going in and out of the waterfalls in the park, and we spent most of the day there. We ate a picnic lunch, and for a treat we walked over to the park’s snack-bar and got the kids some ice cream. Not such an earth-shaking moment ordinarily, but on Passover it was. For such a thing does not occur outside of Israel. To begin with, it is difficult to find “Kosher for Passover” ice cream of any kind in most...

The New SAR Haggadah

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SAR is proud to introduce the SAR Haggadah Shel Pesach, an artistic journey by the students of SAR, is a unique collaboration between the Fine Arts and Judaic Studies departments. The artwork was designed by SAR High School students under the guidance of David Friedman, Sara Susswein Tesler, and Sara Krantz (Artist-in-Residence), and at the Academy under the guidance of Sharon Marson, Chani Jaskoll, and Adiella Shem Tov. The publication features an introduction by Rabbi Tully Harcsztark and Rabbi Binyamin Krauss (‘84), as well as a foreword by renowned international artist Tobi Kahn.

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