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The Food: Getting Down to Basics

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Food decisions are some of the toughest decisions you will need to make. Based on time of year and day, your budget, the number of guests, the party theme, the style of event…everything plays into your menu choices. Will you do sit-down dinners or buffets? French service or family style? Each has its advantages.


Snow, Snow, Snow? Start Prepping for a Spring Bar/Bat Now

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For a truly formal garden party ’tis a pity that Cooper’s Pond in Bergenfield isn’t available for rentals. But there are country clubs and estates that will provide the perfect setting. Check your local listings and party suppliers for those estates and clubs that will accommodate your needs.

The best option, though, is doing it at home. By the second week in May, local nurseries and even the big home improvement stores have begun to take in the plants you will need to beautify the great outdoors.

Look around your property to determine the traffic flow. Do you have shady decks to accommodate the food? Or will guests come through the house, collect their food, and go back...

CJF and Joint Distribution Committee Sends 15 YU Students to Haiti

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Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), partnered with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to bring a group of 15 students from Stern and Yeshiva Colleges to assist in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in 2010 that affected more than 3.5 million people. Staffing the trip was CJF representative Gila Rockman, JDC fellow, Jenette Axelrod, and Yeshiva College’s Dr. Aaron Koller. In the midst of the destruction that is still visible five years later, Stern student and Teaneck native Michelle Levine saw some heart-warming successes of local Haitian leaders. Here, she shares her experience.

This trip was an incredibly eye-opening experience. I...

Riverdale Y’s New Jazz Concert Series Led by Ted Rosenthal

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BRONX—His creative arrangements make familiar tunes seem new, and he has taken jazz to a whole new level. Now, quintuple-threat Ted Rosenthal—performer, composer, professor, music writer-editor, and bandleader—will take the helm as the Riverdale Y’s new Artistic Director of Jazz and headline a new series of jazz concerts beginning March 24.

Since the Riverdale YM-YWHA first opened its doors, its jewel box theatre has been a haven for the arts, both homegrown and hosted, from Joseph Papp’s partnership with the Yiddish Folksbiene troupe to live jazz performed by the country’s top artists.

“We hope the series is just the beginning of a longer and more comprehensive mutual...

Torah She’ba’al Peh and Jewish Values

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Eventually, every student of the Talmud will (or at least should) ask himself, and others, the simple question, “Why?” Why learn Gemara? What is the value in analyzing legal conversations that often contain rejected opinions and halachot that don’t apply to us today? Why can’t we just be told what to do? Many of those who have sought answers to this question have heard some or all of the following:

Gemara helps us appreciate where our practices come from. There is no substitute for the sharpening of the mind that comes with learning Gemara. Gemara is the ultimate in Talmud Torah because it requires complete dedication of one’s time and intellect. It purifies the mind and the...

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