Friday, June 23, 2017


Tips for a Peaceful Home on Yom Tov

A number of years ago, a parent of teenagers and adult children once told a group at a Shabbos table that she was going to suggest that famed children’s book writers Stan and Jan Berenstain (now, sadly, gone) write a new book called the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Yuntif.

While an ideal

My Dinner at Nothing: Dining at the World’s Most Exclusive Kosher Restaurant

I was on the Whitestone Bridge on my way to JFK to catch a flight to Israel, when I got the call. A masculine voice, with a slight yeshivish accent, simply said, “There was a cancellation. We have a spot for you at Nothing tonight at eight if you want it.” I debated for a moment as to whether it was a crank call or not; but

Is Personal Style Born or Made?

The first new sofa I ever bought was for a bachelorette pad I rented in my mid-20s. I had previously lived with roommates, lounging on garage-sale finds and exercising first-job thrift. I was finally becoming a grown-up with a career in the city and I wanted my apartment to look as groovy as my idol Mary Tyler Moore’s digs on TV.

CT Rabbi From East Orange, NJ, Publishes Third Book

Why the Kof? Getting the Best of Rabbi Fuchs. By Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs. Paperback. 139 pages. ASIN: B06XMY5TKZ.

Susan Marie Shuman, the freelance writer and editor of SusanWritesPrecise, has announced the publication of Rabbi Stephen Fuchs’ third book,

Teaching Kindness: Are We Talking About It at Home?

Kindness is the number one value I emphasize at home to my children. I don’t ask them what grade they got on their test. I don’t ask them what they learned today. I don’t navigate their social experiences. I don’t tell them that if they studied they could have done bettter (or at least not at the moment). I ask them if they

My Purim Plan

Clients as well as members of our community have been reaching out to me for advice regarding Purim. The abundance of candy, baked goods and nosh that enters our home on this one day can be particularly challenging. And that is before we sit down to a large meal that includes a wealth of food and drinks.

Kaddish in Panama

Any time I’ve told someone the story of my travels to Panama during the year that I was saying Kaddish for my father the responses were almost always “That’s a great story” and “You should write it down so you don’t forget it.” For many years I’ve intended to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard if you will, but somehow

New In-Depth Genealogical Tool

“We Know Where You’re Frum” Industries has launched its latest genealogical tool.

Want to know what part of the Pale of Settlement you actually came from? Or were your ancestors on that ship from Recife, Brazil, that landed in New Amsterdam? Did your family keep kosher? Shabbos? Shatnez?

New Daf Yearly Program to Begin in Riverdale

Rabbi Velvel Slo has announced the start of a new Daf Yearly learning program in Riverdale. The new program will be modelled on Daf Yomi, except that participants will learn one Daf of Gemara every year rather than every day.  Rabbi Slo explained that this would permit very intense and thorough Talmud study and should be compatible with

Wedding of Esther HaMalka and Donald Ahasverous

Mordechai HaTzadik has announced the marriage of his niece, Esther, to Donald Ahasverous, a real estate developer who recently became CEO of many of the world’s largest corporations .  The ceremony took place at Trump Palace, residence of the groom, where the couple will live.  Ahasverous met Esther after she won the Miss Universe

Respecting the Sensitive, Nuanced Work of the OU and Their Poskim

I was pleased by the overall tone and much of the content of the article (“Reflections on the Current Debate on Women’s Professional Spiritual Leadership”) written by my colleagues Rabbis Adler, Helfgot, Marder, Mintz and Starr. It is admirable that while the majority of them have professional affiliations with Yeshivat

On Children and Tefillah

Approximately 13 years ago, as a representative of a Jewish foundation, I was running a Yom Tov seminar for local Jewish teens in Munich, Germany. Fifty children came to the main synagogue on Reichenbachstrasse for tefillah, and my daughter, Davida, who was three years old at the time, joined us as well. It was rare to

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