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From Suffering to Freedom: Chai4ever’s Pesach Miracle

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In the weeks before Pesach, Jewish families around the globe are busy with the joyful but frenzied preparations for Yom Tov. Cleaning, cooking and Seder prep add up to an enormous investment of time and effort. Whether staying at home or travelling, there is always plenty to do.

At Chai4ever, preparations begin...

Avenue Event Space Gets the Party Started

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Teaneck—What makes any teen party more exciting? Every bar or bat mitzvah wants to have something special or different—something that sets their event apart from the other simchas their friends attend. Yuval Granevitz and Avenue Event Space offer solutions for these parties. In the five years it has been open, Avenue has constantly changed and updated to keep parties fresh and exciting. Included in a party experience is a state-of-the-art lighting system, dancers or DJ, screens, projectors, meat or dairy food, drinks, set-up and clean-up. And Yuval does it all for under $7,000.

Just in case this is not enough of a party, Avenue now offers the latest in party crazes. Dubbed “the...

In New Matchmaking App, Singles Are Encouraged to Strike Their Own Match

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In a world where matchmaking has gotten more difficult than splitting the Red Sea, one website has decided to try and make it fun again. Playing With Matches is a site that aims to make dating and matchmaking easy and without all the complexities, by approaching it from a new angle. Based on comments heard from many singles and matchmakers, the creators set out to create a new website that would incorporate new ideas and simplify the process.

Using the web company SaltnPixels, known for its attention to detail, good design and development, the custom site was created from the ground up. Due to the complexity and the custom nature of the website, the entrepreneurs behind Playing With...

Stamford’s Effort to Attract Modern Orthodox Couples Pays Off

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In December 2008, the Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford (CAMOS)—a community-wide effort to strategically target more young and religiously observant couples to move to Stamford, Connecticut—was launched. Eight years later, the community is thriving, with more than two dozen young families moving to the community in the past 12 months alone.

“It was simple, really,” said Michael Feldstein, who has chaired the committee since its inception. “Stamford had been suffering from a bit of an identity crisis in the Orthodox world. In the past, when young, observant couples living in New York City considered moving to the suburbs, they would probably think of Teaneck...

L’Shana HaBet B’Yerushalayim?

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Over the past several decades, it has become the norm in most Modern Orthodox communities for high school graduates to study in Israel for a year at yeshiva or seminary. This remains the case, with a slight modification: yeshivas are now pushing the standardization of two years of study in Israel, the second year being more popularly known as “Shana Bet.” (As of now, this is not the case with women’s seminaries. To my knowledge, many or most seminaries do not have a second-year program, and the ones that do contain few students.)

There is often a fair deal of pressure and confusion involved with this decision, especially at this time of the year. I hope this article provides an...

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