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Batter-Fried Chicken

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We reluctantly bring you the most amazing fried chicken recipe EVER. My kids don’t really forgive me for publishing this.

This recipe was given to me years ago and has never left our repertoire. It’s the type of dish that kids and adults alike love and look forward to. I save it for special occasions like Yom Tov and...

‘Chanukah Is Better With Butter’

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Breakstone’s Butter is touting butter’s benefits this Chanukah.

Chicago—Butter is making a comeback! This season Breakstone’s is reminding consumers that butter is the best choice for Chanukah cooking and holiday baking.

Focusing on the Jewish consumer, Breakstone’s Butter has launched a print, digital and social media marketing campaign, “Chanukah Is Better With Butter,” to communicate with families.

From a culinary perspective, butter is a preferred shortening for chefs because of how it boosts flavor blending. In his Food Network show “Good Eats,” celebrity chef/food scientist/humorist Alton Brown creates a mock “court” trial to defend the churned wonder...

I’m Addicted to New Cookbooks

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It’s a little hard to admit, but my collection of cookbooks has now swelled to almost 300. And yet, I still can’t resist a new one. The glossy pictures and the promises of delectable treats and innovative ideas for dinner are irresistible. It’s truly an addiction. So even though I made a (sort of) promise to myself not to buy any more unless I got rid of a few, I was weak, and recently added two more to my collection. (OK, so it was not as much a promise than it was a feeling of determination, I guess.) Even when there is just one new dish, or one new idea, if I can add just one or two new recipes that work, well, then, it’s certainly worth the price of the entire cookbook...

Le Marais’s Owner and Executive Chef Return From Cookbook Tour in New Orleans

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Jose Meirelles, chef and owner, and Mark Hennessey, executive chef, of Le Marais, a kosher French brasserie in midtown, are back in New York after taking their Le Marais cookbook tour to New Orleans, Louisiana. Their visit, which lasted four days, included a whirlwind of events and cooking demonstrations. Their first stop was Chabad of Louisiana, located in uptown New Orleans, where Jose and Chef Mark presented their new kosher cookbook to the local Jewish community. They served a Hawaiian-inspired poke dish, their famous beef bourguignon, and corn chowder, all of which were demonstrated and explained in front of a sellout Louisiana crowd.

Hennessey said, “Le Marais is located in...

Fruit for Dessert, in Pie Form

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I really hate taking healthy foods and making them unhealthy. Well, mostly I hate it. Like I hate dousing chicken or meat in sauces full of sugar or additives, or adding tons of sugar to a salad dressing. (Just because I hate it doesn’t mean I don’t do it, sometimes.)  I also hate taking fresh fruit and turning it into a cake, or taking pumpkin and making it into a pie. Mostly. Because sometimes, you can turn this proposition on its head and say, “I’m making something that is not healthy a little bit healthier by adding fruit to it.”  So the thing that you might have thought was unhealthy, is now healthy.  Like a cake that now has bananas it. Or a pie that now has apples...

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