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Sweet Recipes for a Sweet New Year

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Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that even Jews who don’t consider themselves religious often celebrate.  While people pray in Shul for many hours, they do look forward to going home and eating the many traditional foods that we all love.  Apple Cake is one of the many popular items  on people’s menus.  I am going to...

Late and Last Minute Works Too

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So you’d think I would know better by now. I should, really. That after all these years, my routine hasn’t changed. It’s pretty simple. And yet, sometimes, yes sometimes, the kids come home from school and there is no dinner. “Why not?” you may ask. Why not, indeed. I have no answer. I have no idea where the day went, and I feel really bad about the whole thing. But that doesn’t help put dinner on the table, does it?

They stand there, staring at me. Really? Did you think we weren’t going to be hungry? I stare back. I just don’t know what to say. I kind of wait for them to volunteer to make pizza, or eat cereal. And yet they just stand there. I sigh, and open the...

Figs Are for Fall

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Figs remind me of my grandmother. Don’t ask me why. Actually, you can ask me why, it’s a funny story! My cousin once related to me an anecdote about my grandmother, which occurred when she was studying in Israel for the year. My grandmother lived in Rechavia, and after a hot sweltering day out and about in Jerusalem my cousin and her friend stopped by to visit her. They walked in, all sticky and sweaty, dying for a drink. My grandmother took one look at them, ushered them into her cool apartment and said with enthusiasm, “How would you girls like a nice, ice-cold, juicy (add dramatic pause)...FIG! They tried to keep a straight face, I guess the last thing they expected to hear after...

Uncorking Twin Suns: Weiss Brothers and Naharis Bottle Superior, Accessible Vintages

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A new kosher wine revolution has begun in California. While today there are many good-to-great kosher wines available, a new effort is being made to bring previously unavailable varietals to the kosher marketplace.

The revolution includes exciting wines imported by a growing company called The River Wine, a relatively new importer led by husband and wife team Ami and Larissa Nahari, who have, for the past several years, focused on importing wine from several well-known Israeli wineries, including Tishbi, Beit El and Gush Etzion. The couple’s main interest is bringing special wines to the kosher market that are innovative, a little off the beaten path, and often, previously unavailable...

Bistro Classics Are the Stars at Riverdale K Grillhouse

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An upscale bistro serving comfort classics as well as extraordinarily tender cuts of meat, Riverdale K Grillhouse was a pleasure to visit last week. Tucked cozily between SAR High School and Carlos & Gabby’s on Riverdale Avenue, the full-length windows were thrown open so diners could enjoy the light breeze on the late summer evening.

A perusal of the Riverdale K Grillhouse’s impressive wine list was an early indicator that the restaurant is offering the best currently available in kosher vintages. While the house red is by Lanzur, the restaurant also offers two classic Dalton reds (a cabernet sauvignon and a blend), which are $10 a glass. For those who enjoy white white, the...

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