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The Tart That Went Around the World

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Many years ago, when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a friend of mine introduced me to her mother—an elegant woman named Julia Kronhill, who told me her amazing story. She and her husband, Jacob, had left their home in Lublin, Poland, and crossed the border to Lithuania on September 6, 1939, just after WWII started...

Who Said Red Wines Are Not Fit for the Summer?!

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The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and the nights are warm. Isn’t it beautiful out there? While we are still in the summer, enjoying some refreshing rose and white wines, many of us are craving some nice red wines to go along with their grilled steaks, BBQ ribs and burgers. However, I also often hear complaints that red wine is too heavy to be enjoyable in the heat. I do somewhat agree that full-bodied, tannic red wines tend indeed to be difficult to drink when it’s hot and humid outside, especially when they warm up so quickly in the glass.

I have some good news, though! There are some delicious red wines that can and should be served slightly chilled and that are also...

Yogurt-Filled Apple Parfaits

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Yogurt parfaits are such a delicious snack that everyone always wants to eat the whole thing. And now you can—even the bowl! This fun twist on a classic snack is easy to make, easy to eat and a great activity to work on with your kids. All you need is an apple, some yogurt and whatever toppings you want to put in for this healthy and tasty recipe. So, if you’re ever feeling hungry and have a few spare minutes, grab your kids and get started!


Apples—one per person

Yogurt—any flavor (For a pareve option, fill the apple bowl with fresh fruit or sorbet.)

Toppings—like granola, chocolate chips or other fruit

First you need to make the apple bowl. Cut the top off...

Order’s Up: Overnight Oats

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When the sun is shining through your windows early in the morning, and you’ve already begun to feel the heat, breakfast options are drastically limited. Smoothies, yogurt and cold cereal can only be eaten so often before you find yourself in a rut. Starting off in the same manner each and every day can only cause boredom and monotony. A case of the winter blahs in summer.

But who wants to slave away over a stove when the summer months are scorching enough on their own? Who has time to prepare anything filling and nutritious when every weekend is packed with plans for the beach and amusement parks, which require hitting the road in the wee hours of the morning if you hope to avoid...

The Sun Is Out, the White Wines Are In

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For many, if not most, people, the summer is easily the best time of the year for a well-deserved vacation and diverse outdoor activities.

The heat, the humidity and the type of food that we eat over the sunny season—all are elements to factor in when picking the wines that will offer the most enjoyable and refreshing experiences.

I would like to suggest and review here a selection of white wines that are rather easy to find, affordable and will make your summer more pleasurable and fun.

But first of all, please remember that for proper enjoyment, white wines must be served well chilled. It is also important not to pour too much wine at a time in your glass, as the wine would warm...

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