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You Don’t Have to Live With Back and Neck Pain Anymore

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The article originally appeared in Westchester Healthcare Newspaper’s Top Doctors Issue

Back and neck pain can be debilitating, and Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS, is out to change that.

An expert in a variety of non-surgical pain treatments, he is clinic director of Joint Effort Chiropractic & Westchester Spinal...

Can You Have a Sweet Purim?

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So, as the festive holiday of Purim approaches, I think about the same thing as I do when Halloween comes and goes... candy!

Is it just me? Or does anyone else wonder who thought of these holidays that became synonymous with candy/sweets overload?

One might think it was a dentist! However, it seems that we are the only ones creating an awareness and caution to its challenge. I found that the suggestion of giving out apple slices for trick or treat or in Purim baskets was voted down by my family unanimously year after year.

Let’s discuss mishloach manot, Purim baskets. How do we navigate these delicious, attractive collection of goodies?

So yes, it’s simple to say, stay away...

National Gaucher Foundation Partners With JScreen to Offer Free Genetic Testing

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The National Gaucher Foundation (NGF) announced that it is partnering with JScreen to offer genetic testing at no out-of-pocket cost to patients. Because of the immense importance of genetic testing, NGF is covering the portion of screening expenses that is typically passed to JScreen participants.

This campaign encourages Jews of Eastern European descent, or Ashkenazi Jews, to sign up for genetic testing through JScreen. One in 10 Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of Gaucher disease, the most common Jewish genetic disease, and many other genetic diseases are also disproportionately prevalent in this population.

To participate in the campaign, patients begin by completing a form on the NGF...

Is Your Tooth Worth Saving?

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Every day, a patient in my office presents with either a decayed, fractured tooth or a tooth with an old filling. The questions commonly asked by patients are “Can you fix it?” “Can you save it?” “Is it a big job?” “Is it worth it?” “How long will it last?”

The answers are usually “Yes,” “I’ll do my best” and the favorite “It depends!”

You see, the mouth is not as predictable as the dentistry we deliver. The factor here is that there is a person behind the tooth, who is using it, and wear and tear is an overriding factor. So, in a vacuum, your teeth and my dentistry will last forever, but in a functioning mouth, with our diets, predictability is...

On One Foot

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By Kara Palley, MA, CPT

I recently attended an interactive workshop on senior fitness to better serve this important, unique and growing population. Imagine my surprise when the instructor told us: “Leg strength is where it’s at. The rest is commentary. Google it.” I thought wow, I just learned the entire field of senior fitness—the longer you can stand on one foot, the better!

Confession: I’ve taken a few liberties here. This isn’t an exact quote from the Hillel of fitness professionals. But my instructor did let me in on one of the best-kept secrets in the health and wellness field. A secret I am happy to share with you today.  The key to long life is in your hands...
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