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All About Sensitive Teeth

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Since this is the time when many of my patients take vacation, a few interesting questions have been brought to my attention in the past few weeks. These questions are associated with travel and climate change. Yes, these environmental changes can affect our mouths and especially our teeth.

Why do my teeth hurt every time...

Suicide: The One Word We Should Never Avoid

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Local suicide and mental health professionals and volunteers talk about the need to rid the Jewish community of any stigma connected to mental health.

Suicide is not a word that comes across with ease.

Yet, as Shoval Gur-Aryeh, PhD, a clinical psychologist and Jewish Link columnist, explained, there are roughly one million suicide attempts a year in the United States, with one suicide happening every 12.3 minutes.

Often at funerals of shiva houses of suicide victims, we as a Jewish community mostly try to stay in a state of vagueness. We perhaps don’t make eye contact with grieving family members. We might whisper to one another, “So young,” or shake our heads and ask...

Depression and Suicide Prevention Resources

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If you, a friend or family member experiences thoughts about doing self-harm, call 911 immediately, and/or use the following resources:



Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI): NAMI.org or 1-800-950-NAMI

Nefesh International–The International Association of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals: nefesh.org or 201-384-0084

1-800-LIFENET, a free, confidential helpline for New York residents

I’m Making a Shiva Call–What Should I Say?

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According to Jewish custom, when you sit down in front of a mourner you are supposed to let the mourner begin the conversation. What would you say? Almost anything you say could be misunderstood because you don’t know what state of mind the mourner is in. Also, when speaking with a mourner you are there to help the mourner relieve themselves of their uncomfortable feelings, and you do this primarily by listening.

Any good therapist listens more than they speak. Listening is an art. It requires training. Musicians do not listen to music the way the audience does. They have trained ears. Similarly, a therapist does not listen the way the patient does. They hear what the patient...

Will They Last Forever? What to Expect From Our Mouths...

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Happy new year to all my readers. As we begin 2016, it's time for dental reflection, introspection and resolutions. Was 2015 a good year for your mouth? How have your teeth been holding up as far as their health and restoration? How was your diet? Did you have good hygiene? Did you go every six months for your recommended check-ups? Maybe you should have tried to floss more, or flossed at all.

Yes, these are all thoughts to ponder, and questions asked of patients by their dentists. However, one of the most common questions asked of me in 2015 was (drum roll please) How long will it last?

This question has come up in many dental conversations in the office. "How long will my fillings...

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