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I’m Making a Shiva Call–What Should I Say?

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According to Jewish custom, when you sit down in front of a mourner you are supposed to let the mourner begin the conversation. What would you say? Almost anything you say could be misunderstood because you don’t know what state of mind the mourner is in. Also, when speaking with a mourner you are there to help...

Will They Last Forever? What to Expect From Our Mouths...

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Happy new year to all my readers. As we begin 2016, it's time for dental reflection, introspection and resolutions. Was 2015 a good year for your mouth? How have your teeth been holding up as far as their health and restoration? How was your diet? Did you have good hygiene? Did you go every six months for your recommended check-ups? Maybe you should have tried to floss more, or flossed at all.

Yes, these are all thoughts to ponder, and questions asked of patients by their dentists. However, one of the most common questions asked of me in 2015 was (drum roll please) How long will it last?

This question has come up in many dental conversations in the office. "How long will my fillings...

Is Anger a Negative Emotion?

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“Hillel said: ‘Be as the students of Aharon–loving peace and pursuing peace, loving people and bringing them closer to the Torah’” (Pirkei Avos). Does this mean we should teach our children to be so peaceful that they consciously suppress their anger?

I once saw an adult patient who presented with difficulty focusing during college lectures and during general conversations. She had racing thoughts that kept her up at night and it was hard for her to sit still. She always shook her leg in class and was constantly wondering when class would end, to a degree that she could not concentrate on the professor. This woman had a 9-year-old son and was divorced from the boy’s father...

What’s With Those Wisdom Teeth?

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A question that is asked almost every day in my office involves the topic of wisdom teeth. From teenage years through adulthood, these unique teeth perplex patients and doctors alike. When do we get them? Why do we have them? Why don’t some erupt? Do we need them? Can we keep them? Should they stay, or should they go? And when?

Okay, let’s begin to discuss the background of these seemingly “mysterious appendages” in our mouths. Let’s start with their name–strange that they even HAVE a name. All other large teeth in the back of our mouth are called molars, first and second. Why are these “third molars” called wisdom teeth? We know that these teeth appear after all other...

Mental Health Goes Digital–and Everyone Benefits

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West Orange native Stephanie Shapiro, as a graduate student in Wurzweiler School of Social Work, found information pertaining to the topic of mental health conditions vast and exhaustive. Having always been interested in human behavior, she enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of mental health, but found that there was no data-driven way to make a diagnosis. After asking her professors if there were any programs in existence that aggregate the data and make symptoms searchable, they jokingly challenged her to develop one herself.

Fast forward from Shapiro’s graduation in 2012 to present-day Wurzweiler, where they use an app called the Diagnostic and Symptom Calculator...

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