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Mourning When Parental Relationships Are Not Like Storybooks

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It is a hard problem for people to mourn the loss of a parental relationship, to say Kaddish and recite Yizkor when they are overwhelmed by negative memories and feelings and experienced the relationship as unsatisfying. The loss of a satisfying relationship is easier to mourn than the loss of an unsatisfying relationship...

Maimonides Institute for Medicine, Ethics and the Holocaust Launches Website

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The Maimonides Institute for Medicine, Ethics and the Holocaust (MIMEH), a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the memory of those whose lives were irrevocably changed during the Holocaust, has officially launched a website dedicated to that purpose. Its goal is to explore the ethical implications of the medical community’s participation in the labeling, persecution and eventual mass murder of millions deemed “unfit” during WW II for modern scientific theory, medical practice, health care policy and human rights endeavors.

The Holocaust is a unique example of medically sanctioned genocide. The ethical transgressions perpetrated by physicians during World War II...

Down With the Bad, Up With the Good

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A few weeks ago, after undergoing foot surgery, I received some helpful advice from an experienced physical therapist about how I might tackle walking stairs most comfortably and safely. “Down with the bad, up with the good,” she said. Her words could well serve as an analogy for the way each of us should approach life, moving forward step by step, “down with the bad, and up with the good.”

With the Yamim Tovim recently behind us, memories of the enhanced thoughts, actions and relationships of those awesome days remain still fresh in our minds, capable of inspiring corresponding fresh ideas on how to move forward. Sharing these ideas with family and friends may, indeed, help each...

Guard Your Mouth From Bruxism: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

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We take our teeth for granted. Day to day we truly don’t think about our mouth unless we are having a problem. We use our teeth to show off our beautiful smiles, to eat, and to help in the phonetics of our speech. We just expect them to always be there for us, in full function, doing their job, and hopefully lasting the rest of our lives. God only gives us ONE set of permanent teeth, and we take them for granted. If we lose them, we do have the implant option (as discussed in my previous article) to exercise, however, there is nothing like the originals. So it is our job to take the best care of them and protect them.

Unfortunately, there are many destructive factors that can diminish...

Help! My Baby’s Not Rolling

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Dear Therapist,

“Our 10-month-old baby is still not rolling over. She is a happy and content baby and whenever we sit her down on the floor, she can stay in that position for long periods of time, playing and cooing. If she wants something, she starts crying and we usually give her whatever she wants. Then, all of a sudden, she just falls over and lands on her head! What should we do?”

Development is a tricky thing. Pure developmentalists have generally believed that each stage of development is necessary in order for the next stage to develop fully. For example, a child must roll over before he/she begins to crawl, or a child must crawl before beginning to walk. Recently, however...

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