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Color Me Bad

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When I was in my first year of interior design school at F.I.T., my studio design professor espoused his fervent view that “you can’t talk color.” Well, now that I don’t need his approval in order to pass the class, I can heartily disagree out loud. We don’t necessarily need to look at a swatch to help us...

Something Unusual

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I just came back from a two-day respite in a rural town in Western Massachusetts. The countryside was pastoral, with sprawling fields and gently undulating mountains. Much of the architecture was historic to the New England max. I would describe the municipality as rife with American colonial buildings that, while maybe not restored, could be considered preserved. The vibe was quirky, artistic, progressive, diverse and collegiate. Here’s what it wasn’t: polished. Living in the NY Metro area, I have become so accustomed to remodeled everything and granite-topped everything else, that once I was faced with a decidedly unfancy environment, I didn’t know how to react. To avoid...

Are You Watching Too Much HGTV?

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“Honey, get in here! ‘Love It or List It’ is on! They’re showing back-to-back episodes with ‘Property Brothers’! Later we can see what Chip and Joanna are doing on ‘Fixer Upper’...hurry!” This is my usual refrain as I get ready for my weekly binge-watching session of Home & Garden TV. It’s such a ritual in my house that my 11-year-old son can even do spot-on impressions of all the hosts. As a professional interior designer, these shows are really more entertainment for me, but a lot of people get fooled into thinking that these shows are reasonable representations of interior design projects. For starters, their budgets are totally unrealistic. $20,000 to gut...

It’s All in the Details When It Comes to Interior Design

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“The devil is in the details.” I’m sure that’s a phrase you all have heard many times. It applies to many aspects of our lives. Planning a vacation, a party and even more so, planning our homes. Homeowners often spend time and money creating an overall functional space in their homes, and forget that details give the space the tone and personality they are hoping to create.

A living room can function perfectly well if it is laid out with the proper furniture. It can even look good if the furniture pieces are coordinated to each other and to the color of the room. So how can we go beyond that to create a beautiful room? You may like the colors blue and yellow so you buy a blue...