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Smartphone to Sniff Out Cancer

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Can your smartphone screen your breath to detect cancer? That could happen someday soon, if the Sniff-Phone project from Israel comes to fruition.

The Sniff-Phone is the latest low-cost nanotech diagnostic tool proposed by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Prof. Hossam Haick, developer of the Na-Nose breathalyzer...

“No Phone Beyond”

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Week to week most IT columnists browse tech websites and talk to IT professionals looking for the most updated and current technologies to write about. This year my family was blessed to have a client fly us to California (thank God for points/miles). After some meetings with the client—traffic for an hour each way, smog, and PSL’s (Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s)—California business people turned out to be about the same as New Jersey business people, except they think 65° is the frozen tundra.

Being on vacation and staying at someone else’s home, the first question we all ask is “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” Traveling to clients who have Waze and a Wi-Fi Hotspot makes things...

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