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New Bi-Cultural Day School Program Speaks to the Heart

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The notion that Judaism is a way of life that is carried in one’s heart—that its core values and foundational concepts must become a part of life for children so that they may be guided by them as adults—is the catalyst behind a unique program introduced this year at Bi-Cultural Day School.

B’chol Levavecha (with all...

WDS Turns Upside Down for Purim

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Westchester Day School Middle School celebrated the lead-up to Purim with an amazing night of project based learning, collaboration and Purim spirit. The theme of this year’s v’nahafoch hu program was the Beit Hamikdash, as Purim is the holiday that occurred between the first and second Beit Hamikdash. Each grade was assigned a specific Beit Hamikdash along with a packet of sources about it. After several learning sessions each grade was tasked with visually representing what they had learned in an assigned hallway in the entrance to WDS. The first step was brainstorming as an entire grade and then the students divided into specific groups, each one with a task to accomplish...

Manhattan Day School Israel Advocacy Team Presents ‘What Can You Do for Israel?’

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On Wednesday, February 15, the MDS Student Israel Advocacy team presented “What Can You Do For Israel?”

Topics included Israel: The Legitimate Sovereign, presented by Avital Feuerstein; Erroneous Allegations Against the IDF, by Rachel Halpern; Terrorism and Palestinian Payments, by Ruthi Gerber and Allie Berkowitz; Efficacy of Security Checks, by Shoshana Epstein; Biased Media, by Jacob Kadoe; Social Media and Propaganda, by Charlie Laifer; Education of Palestinian Youth, by Isaac Silverman; Women in Arab Countries, by Mia Spira and Rivka Yellin; Political Anti-Semitism, by Max Jankelovits and Harry Meister; Heroic Israel, by Jonah Elzweig; and Anti-Semitism at the U.N....

SAR Model UN Team Wins at YUNMUN XXVII

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Mazal tov to SAR’s Model UN team, which won for the fourth consecutive year at YUNMUN XXVII. Individual team members also took home seven Best Delegate awards and two honorable mentions. The team members are Ayelet Rubenstein, Nate Katz, Noah Lang, Miriam Stern, Eva Ingber, Tamar Geller, Sarah Bolnick, Zevi Siegel, Lia Solomon, Rita Feder, Shamma Pepper Fox, Adin Gitig and Maya Rubenstein. Mazal tov also to faculty adviser Ms. Pepper.

WDS Celebrates Tu B’Shevat With a Focus on Blessings

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Tu B’Shevat at Westchester Day School is used as an opportunity, through project based learning, for students and faculty to focus on appreciating all the blessings they have in their lives. This year, that goal was accomplished primarily through a focus on brachot in different ways throughout the school. At the beginning of the month of Shevat, kindergarten through fifth grades were each assigned one of the blessings said on food. The grade learned about their assigned blessing and then designed bulletin boards to adorn the lunchroom, encapsulating their bracha and encouraging a greater focus on blessings. To go along with the visual display, classes also had to create a word cloud for...

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