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Yetziat Mitzrayim Comes to Breuers in Washington Heights

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Carmel Students and Parents Play With Their Food—All in the Name of Math

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Imagine being given four graham crackers, each with a value of 100 points, and your goal is to create a food person worth 400 points. The catch is you can only use two of the graham crackers. The additional two crackers must be exchanged for pretzel sticks worth 10 points and/or Froot Loops worth one point.

Welcome to Munchable Math Night at Carmel Academy.

Carmel Academy’s kindergarten through fourth grade students, together with their parents, spent the evening putting their mathematical minds in motion. Over the course of an hour and a half, each grade tackled two engaging projects—one using food as a manipulative and the other using art materials. What did the projects...

WHHS Tempest Team Triumphs

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Waves crashed, masts split and the boatswain was cursed by Italian nobility as Westchester Hebrew High School joined Frisch, Ma’ayanot, SAR and TABC in the Third Annual Envision Shakespeare competition on Thursday, March 30. This year, the Envision Shakespeare program, founded by Rebecca Lopkin and Nancy Edelman, invited students from tri-state-area yeshiva high schools to present the opening scene from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The teams, which all recited identical lines, created five unique interpretations of the scene, all without the benefit of costumes, make-up or props.

WHHS’ preparation for this event began with auditions in January. Eleven 10th and 11th grade...

Bi-Cultural Speaker Offers Recipe for Raising Successful Kids

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, parents were not averse to reigning in their children with the phrase (and the philosophy) “I’m not your friend, I’m your parent.”

But galaxies—and times—have changed, says Dr. Leonard Sax, an internationally renowned expert in the field of child and adolescent development. And therein lies the problem.

The author of four best-selling books on education and parenting, including the recently published “The Collapse of Parenting,” Sax laid out the pitfalls of parenting today and what parents can do to avoid them—at the same time boosting the odds that their children will grow up to be healthy, happy and successful adults—in...

Behind the Camera Lens: Carmel Academy Students Embrace Inspiring Photo Challenge

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At Carmel Academy there is a special community within a community—a small cadre of student photographers who are participating in a creative endeavor called Carmel Framers.

Carmel Framers is a middle school elective course, which introduces students to the art of photography. Each week, Carmel Framers are given a theme and then have seven days to create a photograph based on that theme. During class, the students view photographs and learn photography techniques related to the theme before heading out into the world to capture their image.

Carmel Framers is based on the 52Frames project (52frames.com), an international photo challenge where amateur and professional photographers...

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