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Carmel Academy Middle School Band Spreads Its Wings

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If people haven’t yet heard of Angels & Prophets, they may be downloading one of the band’s songs in the near future.

What began as a musical outlet for a group of Carmel Academy’s students has turned into perhaps one of the first-ever middle school Jewish rock bands. Angels & Prophets, which performs weekly at...

Chabad Preschool Offers New Full Day Option for Westchester Working Parents

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Chabad’s Alef Bet Preschool, 1228 North Avenue in New Rochelle, will offer both early care and after care hours beginning in Fall 2017.  The school opened In 2014.

“Alef Bet’s mission is to empower children to explore ideas in an emotionally safe environment,” said Rochel Butman, Director of the Early Childhood center. “The Jewish component adds a warm community feeling to the space. The children bake challah, sing Hebrew songs and learn about their Jewish heritage in a loving and nurturing setting. We educate young children in a respectful and stimulating learning environment, helping them grow into self-aware, empathetic, capable learners for life.” She said the staff at...

Westchester Day School Students Explore the Revival of the Hebrew Language

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Westchester Day School Middle School students celebrated Shavua Hasafa HaIvrit, which falls on the 21st day of Tevet, the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda—the driving force behind the revival of the modern Hebrew language. As part of their curriculum about Jewish leaders, students learned about Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s childhood and life and how his experiences influenced his role in reviving modern Hebrew.

Morah Ronit Korenblit, along with the WDS Bnei Akiva Shlichot Gitit and Dana, led a variety of interactive Ivrit b’Ivrit games. Each game used contemporary Hebrew words or sayings to illustrate their modern day usage in conversational Hebrew. The games included a word matching...

When the Smartphone Has the Opposite Effect

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Author’s note: This article is a slightly adapted excerpt from a speech I gave at the Young Israel of New Rochelle on Shabbat, January 14. The context was the interaction that Jacob, our forefather, had with his children at the end of his life. While it does not directly deal with an educational challenge in our day schools, it is a challenge that impacts our community, and, as you will most probably agree, our children as well. The full speech begins with three values that Yaakov developed during his 17 years in Egypt: creativity, patience and strong relationships.

To read the full speech visit www.westchesterday.org/cellphones.

Over winter break, my family went skiing upstate...

Stein Yeshiva Early Childhood Celebrates Completion of Sefer Bereishit

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Mazel tov to the entire early childhood department at Stein Yeshiva on the completion of Sefer Bereishit and beginning of Sefer Shemot. The children celebrated with an early childhood-wide assembly where each child had the opportunity to “read” from the Torah. The children were so excited to see inside an actual sefer Torah and to find letters and words that they recognized.

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