Friday, June 23, 2017


Ma’ayanot Students Perform for Charity in Heartbeats: A Night of Song, Dance and Connection

Started several years ago by three students in the Class of 2009, Heartbeats is an annual student-created and student-directed performance open to women of the community. Each year Heartbeats organizers choose a charity to which the proceeds of that year’s performances will be donated, and over the years almost

Carmel Academy Students Lead Moving Service to Remember Israel’s Fallen

Carmel Academy’s sixth grade led a poignant community memorial service on Yom HaZikaron to honor those who lost their lives to create and sustain the state of Israel.

The Israel Memorial Day ceremony began the way Israel commemorates this solemn day, with the sounding of a minute-long

Yeshiva Gedolah of the Bronx to Host May 18 Dinner Reception

The Yeshiva Gedolah of the Bronx, located in the neighborhood of Pelham Parkway, offers educational enrichment to young boys and teens. Established in 2013, it gives at-risk teenage boys an avenue to turn to in a warm environment that helps get them back on track.

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Westchester Day School Early Childhood Takes an Amazing Trip to Israel

To celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Westchester Day School’s Ganon and Kindergarten took an amazing virtual trip to Israel. The children began the morning by packing their carry-ons and going to JFK airport where they went through security, after having their passports checked and being given their ElAl boarding passes. Once

SAR’s Witness Theater Pairs Holocaust Survivors with High School Students

There’s a new group of seniors in town at SAR. They’re octogenarians who survived the Holocaust. As part of SAR High School’s inaugural Witness Theater program which ran on April 15th, SAR upheld the memory of the Holocaust through a collaborative theater performance; the performance paired Holocaust

Reaching for the Stars at Gan Miriam

The Pre-K class of Gan Miriam Early Learning Center just completed a unit studying the solar system. After learning the phases of the moon, the students compiled a moon chart to depict the various phases. They explored space and anti-gravity, and watched a youtube video  about the International Space Station and the

TABC Pre-Law Club Visits Bergen County Jail

On Tuesday, April 7th, the second day of Chol Hamoed, the Pre-Law Club paid a visit to the Bergen County Jail with advisor Mr. Francese. The club members toured the active jail under the guidance of a correctional officer; they observed the nature of jail life and events taking place at this correctional facility. In a very

MTAPAC Heads to Washington

March 26th was a meaningful and productive day for the MTA students who participated in the school’s annual lobbying mission to Washington D.C. The ‘Hatzioni’ members who partook in the event had prepared for weeks in advance researching bills, familiarizing themselves with specific members of Congress and seeking to

Ma’ayanot Students Find Meaning in Their Tefillot

To ensure that all students find meaning in their morning tefilla experiences, Ma’ayanot offers a variety of tefilla programming options including “Tefilla Under the Trees” with Mrs. Leah Herzog. Mrs. Herzog oversees small-group discussion sessions with Ma’ayanot Alumnae Fellows, and student-given commentary and divrei

RYNJ Girls’ Torah Bowl Heads to Finals

The RYNJ Torah Bowl girls’ team clinched its division and will be competing in the finals with the other division winners. The students studied and competed throughout the year, mastering the entire Sefer Shmot, every pasuk and every Rashi.

Frisch Students Advocate for Israel

During these tense times when decisions are being made that will impact the future of Israel and the US, the Frisch student body has been active in effecting change in two important ways. First, on March 26th, the Frisch School’s Class of 2015 traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for a robust U.S.-Israel relationship. Divided

YRSRH Preschool Meets a Korban Pesach

A live sheep was brought to the Breuer’s preschool for the day, in order for the students to get a sense of what the actual Korban Pesach was.

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