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Bi-Cultural Hosts First-Ever Chanukah Hullabaloo

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On Sunday, December 4, more than 200 people attended Bi-Cultural Day School’s first-ever Sesame Street Chanukah Hullabaloo, a program for families with young children from birth to six years old. The two-hour, free-of-charge event included a line-up of child-friendly activities and holiday-themed entertainment, including...

Westchester Day School Learns with Legos

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With 21,000 Legos in colorful piles around the room, Westchester Day School students undertook a menorah Lego challenge in the days leading up to Chanukah. Under the direction of Rabbi Daniel Schwechter, student activities coordinator and middle school rebbe, students in grades one through eight learned the halachot of kosher and travel menorahs and then were tasked with one of four activities. With the Legos at their disposal some students chose an engineering task: to build the tallest possible menorah, which also needed to be structurally sound enough to hold candles. Others used problem solving to create “build up—break down” menorahs, a challenge that charged them with...

Bi-Cultural Parents Crack the Code in Computing Class

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At Bi-Cultural Day School, computer coding is an integral part of the digital literacy curriculum throughout the entire year. This year for Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code, which took place during the week of December 5-10, Director of Technology Sarah Hochman wanted to try something different—teaching coding to the parents.

“I planned a course for the parents because I really wanted to make sure that parents got a glimpse into the exciting world of coding for Computer Science Education Week. Our students learn coding in various formats all year long and parents often ask me questions about what their children are learning in coding. This year I thought the adults...

Carmel Academy Students Receive Hands-on Lesson From a Sofer

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Carmel Academy’s second grade Chumash studies were brought to life with a visit from a sofer (scribe). The visit was part of the students’ Chumash learning, as they experienced what a Torah is made from, how the ink for writing a Torah is prepared, what is used to write a Torah and many other interesting and important facts about the actual process of preparing a Torah. The students used a feather and ink to write Hebrew calligraphy and received a special certificate from the sofer, Rabbi Yehuda Clapman, who wrote each of their Hebrew names to take home.

Bi-Cultural Son and Mom Co-Author Two Children’s Books

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Aaron Liebskind, a seventh grader at Bi-Cultural Day School, and his mother Illana Barran, have taken the adage, “Like mother, like son” to a new and literary level as they have recently teamed together to publish two children’s books, each with a unique focus, meaning and audience.

Aaron’s book, “The Yellow Star,” is a fictionalized account of his grandfather’s struggle and perseverance during the Holocaust. Paul Liebskind, Aaron’s grandfather who passed away seven years ago, was a young child in Nazi Germany and later escaped with his family to Belgium, where he lived in hiding until the end of the war. His experience inspired Aaron to write this short story.


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