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RYNJ Makes A Hagafen

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RYNJ pre-k students enjoyed a fun morning making grape juice as they began their brachot unit with the bracha of “Hagafen.” The children washed and squeezed bunches of grapes and then strained them to remove the pulp. Finally, the yeladim enjoyed a taste test between their homemade grape juice and several popular...

Carmel Academy Third Graders Purchase Toys for Sick Children

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Imagine being a child in a toy store with the go-ahead to purchase more than $1000 worth of toys?

In the days before Chanukah, Carmel Academy’s third graders did just that. They traveled to a toy store and purchased more than 100 toys—yet they did not keep even one toy for themselves. Instead, the students walked away with a different gift: the knowledge that they were part of a memorable and meaningful mitzvah.

The toys were for children fighting cancer, and the Carmel students spent a month raising the money to purchase the gifts, said third grade teacher Gina Perl.

It all began with a read-a-thon. The students committed to reading 20 minutes for 20 nights, asking their...

Rabbi Shimon Green Challenges Students: Who Is Your Hero?

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Stein Yeshiva recently had a very special visitor, Rabbi Shimon Green. Rabbi Green founded Yeshiva Birchas HaTorah in the Old City and was its Rosh Yeshiva for 25 years. He is currently the Mora D’Asra of Kehillas Shomrei Emunim in Phoenix, Arizona, and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas HaTurim.

Rabbi Green gave a very thought provoking address to students, parents and faculty. He explored the question of “What is life and how do we succeed?” Rabbi Green explained that what one knows is fluid and changing constantly based upon what is experienced from moment to moment. In order for days to be meaningful, people need an anchor, a blueprint for a frame of reference to interpret those...

Bi-Cultural Hosts First-Ever Chanukah Hullabaloo

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On Sunday, December 4, more than 200 people attended Bi-Cultural Day School’s first-ever Sesame Street Chanukah Hullabaloo, a program for families with young children from birth to six years old. The two-hour, free-of-charge event included a line-up of child-friendly activities and holiday-themed entertainment, including food, crafts, balloon and face-painting artistry and a Chanukah-themed treasure hunt. In addition, Temple Sholom’s cantor, Asa Fradkin, performed holiday songs; Connecticut author Tracy Newman signed books and provided each family with a complimentary copy of her book Hanukkah is Coming, and Sesame Street character Elmo led children in a sing-along and parade.

Westchester Day School Learns with Legos

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With 21,000 Legos in colorful piles around the room, Westchester Day School students undertook a menorah Lego challenge in the days leading up to Chanukah. Under the direction of Rabbi Daniel Schwechter, student activities coordinator and middle school rebbe, students in grades one through eight learned the halachot of kosher and travel menorahs and then were tasked with one of four activities. With the Legos at their disposal some students chose an engineering task: to build the tallest possible menorah, which also needed to be structurally sound enough to hold candles. Others used problem solving to create “build up—break down” menorahs, a challenge that charged them with...

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