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Swish for Sderot Yeshiva Basketball Tourney Is a Win-Win for All

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The Swish for Sderot Yeshiva Day School Basketball Tournament Mega Grand Finale 2016 took place on Sunday, December 4, at SAR Academy in Riverdale. The event was the culmination of a month-long program to raise awareness and funds for the community and Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot, as well as having 16 yeshiva day schools...

SAR Sting Win the Swish for Sderot Tournament

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Sixteen schools competed in a basketball tournament to raise awareness for Sderot. Each of those teams committed to raising $1000 and well over that number was raised. SAR was the location for both the first and last games. While the eighth grade SAR Sting played in both games, the results could not have been more different.

The true heroes of the evening were the American Friends of Sderot, who worked hard to raise money to benefit the Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot. $1,600 was raised by the young men representing SAR, showing that what they bring on the court is matched by what they do off the court. The boys from North Shore represented as well.

North Shore had a good reputation going...

TABC JV Teams Sweep MTA and Remain Undefeated

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The TABC JV basketball and hockey teams both came away with victories on Motzei Shabbat against the MTA Lions. Both schools’ basketball teams came into the night undefeated, so it figured to be a great matchup between two of the conference’s strongest teams. The Lions came out with a lot of energy, and quickly built an early lead. They stayed ahead for most of the first half, but great playing from sophomore starters Alex Ostrin and Avi Proctor, as well as strong defending from sophomore center Eli Rifkind off the bench helped keep the game close, and the Storm ended the half down five. In the second half, TABC stepped up and went on a run which gave them the lead. Sophomore Joe Baron...

MTA’s 3-on-3 7th/8th Grade Basketball Tourney Is a Slam Dunk

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This past Friday, MTA hosted their first-ever Middle School 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. The program began with davening, and continued with breakfast and a fantastic shiur from MTA 9th grade Maggid Shiur Rabbi Jonathan Kessel. As part of his shiur, Rabbi Kessel encouraged the over 50 seventh and eighth graders from seven different middle schools to capitalize on the opportunity to make new friends from different communities. MTA, with its centralized location, is a community of communities, attracting students from all over the tri-state area and—thanks to its residence hall—from all over the world (including San Francisco, Miami, Ukraine, Chile, Peru and more). This diversity...

Baseball Legend Albert Pujols Makes Historic Visit to Shalva

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(Jerusalem)-Los Angeles Angels baseball superstar, Albert Pujols, along with his wife Deidre, made a historic visit to the new Shalva National Children’s Center in November during the course of his maiden trip to Israel. This was the first time an American baseball icon had ever visited Shalva, which was arranged by Shimrit Goldberg’s “Experiencing Israel.”

Shalva is renowned all over the world for providing state-of-the-art care and community outreach services to thousands of families with special needs children in Israel, including those with Down syndrome. Mr. & Mrs. Pujols’ oldest child, Isabella, has Down syndrome. Since 2005, The Pujols Family Foundation has also...

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