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The Multi-Million Dollar Listing That Should Not Have Been

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I recently saw a spectacular beach house that was listed for sale at $3.9 million dollars that made me very disheartened. Here is the story…

About three years ago, I was working with a client who had a beach home that he bought with a partner as an investment property.  They purchased the property and they used a...

How to Blend Contrasting Materials for High-Impact Design

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(BPT) The melding of contrasting materials throughout the home is a sophisticated way to add visual interest and depth to your design. Bold finishes coupled with muted color tones create an eye-catching statement, while natural wood combined with cool metal boasts a stunning blend of nature and machinery. From partnering unconventional textures to pairing deep wood tones with warm gold finishes, mixing materials in a space poses a refreshing take on luxury design for each room of the home.

Textured Charm

Incorporating different textures with furniture, textiles and accessories can add layers of visual and tactile appeal to a living space. Create an elegant, yet contemporary design by...

What Are the Customary Financial Requirements for Purchasing a Co-op?

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When a prospective buyer asks about buying a co-op apartment, the first order of business is to inform the buyer that there will be no purchase of co-op stock shares unless the buyer meets the financial requirements set by the board of the cooperative to which he/she is applying for purchase.

Due to these requirements, many people ask if there are sponsor apartments for sale. These apartments are desirable because the purchaser is not required to apply to the co-op board for approval—that is, the buyer deals directly with the sponsor and buys previously unsold co-op stock shares. Thus, theoretically, buyers who cannot meet the board’s financial requirements can still manage to...

Buying a Home: Everything You Need to Know About the Final Walk-Through

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Buying a home is an exciting process. After all, you are getting ready to move to a new home.  When the seller accepts your offer and your loan is approved, and you have conducted your inspections, the buying process is not over.  You have one final step—the walk-through. This is when you verify that your new home is still as it was when you made the offer. You check to ensure that any repairs you may have requested were completed to your satisfaction.

Why It Matters

The final walk-through may seem like a formality but it is actually an important step in the buying process. “Problems arise when homes sit vacant for any period of time,” explains Elizabeth Weintraub, author of...

Before Buying a Home, Learn the Lingo!

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(StatePoint) Buying a home for the first time? You may discover that one of the biggest obstacles is learning the lingo. Homebuying can be overwhelming and perhaps a bit intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the terminology.

To help aspiring homeowners gain confidence in the homebuying process, the experts at Freddie Mac are sharing a guide with some top terms you’ll hear.

Pre-approval letter. A letter from your lender telling you how much home you can afford and the maximum amount you are qualified to borrow. Having a pre-approval letter while shopping can help you move faster, and with greater confidence in competitive markets.

Appraisal. After you make an offer on a home...
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