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The Banker’s Mortgage Banker of Choice

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I recently closed a new home purchase loan for a first time home buyer that made me very proud. He wasn’t a regular first time home buyer, and he wasn’t a regular client. This applicant was actually a senior lending officer at a small regional bank (to be left unnamed). He was referred to me by friend as he was trying...

Land Use Moratoria—A Growing Trend in Our Region

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As population density increases, local governments have become increasingly motivated to temporarily halt developmental progression by the use of building moratoria. One common use of moratoria ordinances in our area is to preserve the status quo by stopping construction for a defined period of time while municipalities rework their comprehensive plans to cope with increased urbanization by properly regulating land development. A moratorium provides a municipality with time to rework and to update its comprehensive plan, which includes zoning and which incorporates the government’s police powers—that is, policies regarding the health, welfare and safety of the larger community. An...

Three Reasons to Downsize in Retirement

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Once you leave the workforce, you likely have some goals you want to accomplish. For many, these goals are easier accomplished after downsizing, or moving into a smaller, more maintainable home.

There are many paths people can take to downsizing their homes, but one opportunity seniors have available to them is the LifeWise Mortgage, also known as a home equity conversion mortgage, or reverse mortgage. With a HECM, instead of making a monthly mortgage payment, your home equity is paid to you in cash. HECMs can be paid in one lump sum, in monthly installments or as a line of credit.

Three common reasons seniors choose to downsize their homes:

Less Home to Clean

At one point, your...

Show Me the Money

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One of the most underrated challenges in a mortgage qualification is how funds are documented. What might seem to be a very straight forward process, ends up causing countless delays to a mortgage closing - and sometimes prevents it from happening altogether. Regardless of whether one is looking to buy a home or refinance an existing home, knowing how to present your funds to the bank is critical in helping you obtain a swift approval.

While I cannot reveal all of my tricks and tips in a newspaper article, I will highlight some of the challenges that I see happening on a consistent basis, and will try to give you the “behind the scenes look” at what banks consider when doing...

Jerusalem Real Estate: Intrigue and Irony

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Talbieh is a charming, centrally located, upscale Jerusalem neighborhood. It originally comprised large private houses owned by wealthy Christian Arab families, most of whom lived in neighboring countries and spent their vacations in Jerusalem.

After the establishment of the State of Israel, many of these architecturally distinctive homes got chopped up into small apartments and were populated by displaced families and immigrant families. By the 1960s, these formerly majestic buildings became run down, due to the heavy wear and tear that they endured, and many of these structures were abandoned.

Around the same time, many new buildings were built. Demand for these modern...
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