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Get Moving! Four Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in 2017

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If you’ve been sitting on the fence about selling your home, it might just be time to hop off. Now. To put it in other terms: 2017 is poised to be the year of the home seller, real estate experts say. So what are you waiting for?

“Sellers have been in the driver’s seat for the last two years, but this year is shaping...

Playroom Upgrade: Wall-Mount ‘Barn Door’ Makes Room for Fun

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(BPT) With spring fast approaching and the kids at school, there’s no better time to upgrade the playroom.

Why not swap out a traditional swinging door for a playful chalkboard wall-mounted sliding door? Your little artists can draw for hours on the chalkboard, plus the sliding door can add up to 14 square feet of floor space which means more room for spreading out toys, games and building forts. There’s also more flexibility in furniture arrangements. This means even the smallest nook in your house could turn into a cozy play space.

It’s easy to do with Johnson’s 2610SC Soft-Close Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. You can use it with virtually any metal or wood door from...

Art of the Concession

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The idea of this article is to provide information that you can use when you are negotiating for the home that you’re interested in. I am in no way presuming that the seller of the home should take less than they want to or need to, or that the buyer should pay more for a home than they want to. I am just offering information on the commonly used tool called a “seller’s concession,” and sometimes this tool allows a buyer and a seller to have a meeting of the minds and allow them both to walk away feeling happy about the end result.

There are many ways to structure a seller’s concession. Commonly, the purchase price is raised to cover a percentage of closing costs for the...

Constructive Evictions (Residential)

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What would you do if, following your signing of a residential lease in all good faith and your taking possession of the premises, you were suddenly faced with a condition that made your premises uninhabitable? What would be your remedy if your landlord, by his or her action or inaction, either created the situation or refused to fix it? If the landlord acts in violation of the lease, or fails to act to correct a real problem, then he or she may be said to have provided grounds for constructively evicting you from the premises. If your claim is valid then you will owe no additional rent. Constructive eviction describes the forced vacating of the tenant’s rental premises that were...

Five Tips For Safe Space Heater Use

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(BPT)  During the coldest days of the year, space heaters are one of the easiest, most efficient ways to get warm fast. However, when not used correctly, they may also be one of the most dangerous.

Space heaters accounted for 40 percent of all home heating fires and a staggering 84 percent of home heating fire deaths, according to research from the National Fire Protection Association. And, as you might expect, these tragic accidents most often occur during the year’s coldest months. The same research finds nearly half of all home heating fires occurred in December, January and February.

While these facts are sobering, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid using your space heater to...

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