Friday, June 23, 2017

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Reduce the Risk of Home Fires

(BPT) – While the number of home fires occurring in the U.S. each year has fallen by more than 50 percent since 1977, the ratio of people who die in home fires has remained virtually unchanged, based on data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In 1977, deaths occurred in.8 percent of home fires, and in 2013,

How to Hire a Contractor

For people who have no background in home building, renovation and repairs, hiring knowledgeable and competent workers can be an expedition into uncharted territory. Most of us know people who have lived through repairs, renovations and construction and who are more than willing to regale all and sundry with tales of their adventures. Here,

Maximizing Your Money: What to Know When Buying a Home

The housing market today represents what some might consider a once in a lifetime opportunity for potential home buyers. Home prices are recovering from the lows of the crash, mortgages are now safer than ever for borrowers, and interest rates are still at historical record lows. Despite how attractive this makes home buying seem, the

Ask the Realtor: What Must I Think About Before I Think About Buying a New Home?

Last week, in my office, one of the people who read my Jewish Link columns about real estate asked me this question. My immediate answer was that she should make sure that she has enough money for the down payment and that her credit history is as good as it can be. As accurate as is that preliminary advice, there is more to the story than

Fall: The Best Season for Home Improvement

(BPT) – The rituals of fall include sending kids back to school, raking leaves and cheering on the hometown football team. In addition, a new fall tradition has emerged – home improvement.

Like many trends, there isn’t one particular reason fall has emerged as a popular time for home improvement,

Before You Owe–Know!

Mortgage disclosure changes are here.

If you have read any books or scoured any online articles about residential mortgage financing, as of October 3, 2015, you can pretty much scratch it! Not the theoretical aspects about financing, but the initial disclosures that were once

Environmental Issues in Residential. Real Estate Transactions

Environmental pollution is the introduction onto a property of an environmental impurity and is of major importance to both buyers and sellers engaged in residential real estate transactions. Not only does pollution present the possibility of health issues but it also raises the specter of liability issues for both the seller and the

Ask the Realtor: When Is the Best Time to Sell My House?

Most people–real estate agents included–will automatically respond that in our area the Spring is the correct answer–and why not? The inclement weather of winter is gone, the flowers are blooming, the greenery is on the trees, the weather is mild, and there are longer hours of daylight–perfect for showing the house during

Modi’in Has Arrived

Modi’in is a beautiful, friendly city that has become a popular destination for olim. Founded in 1993, the city is well-planned, with large swaths of protected land for parks and nature reserves. Modi’in has been designed to become Israel’s fourth-largest city; the population is currently almost 100,000 people and

Ask the Realtor: What’s the Deal With Co-ops and Condos?

Many of my first-time buyers ask, “What are the differences between co-ops and condos?

Co-ops and condos provide two very different forms of ownership. Even though people speak of “buying a co-op apartment,” what is actually purchased are shares of stock in the corporation that owns the

Fall: The Best Season for Home Improvement

(BPT) The rituals of fall include sending kids back to school, raking leaves and cheering on the hometown football team. In addition, a new fall tradition has emerged for America’s nearly 74 million homeowners - home improvement.

This fall promises to be particularly popular for home projects.

Ask the Realtor: Disclosure Forms for Buyers and Sellers

Why is the real estate agent asking me to sign a New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller if I am a prospective buyer or a seller, or a New York State Disclosure Form for Landlord and Tenant if I am a landlord or a prospective tenant?

Briefly stated, even though you are not required

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