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Ask The Realtor:

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When is a good time to buy?

Most buyers tend to purchase during spring and summer months, but do not realize that the purchase of Real Estate continues into the fall and winter.  Many more opportunities exist during these months when you are not competing with a high volume of buyers which can sometimes drive up the price...

Housing Reform and Its Impact on Overseas Buyers

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Real estate prices in Israel have nearly doubled since 2007, and over the past decade, soaring housing costs have been a hotly debated political issue. New Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon’s first promise has been to overhaul the real estate industry and stabilize real estate prices. Kahlon comes into this new position with significant political clout, based on his success—while serving as the Minister of Communications—in breaking the telecom industry cartel and boosting competition, thus causing prices of cellular services to decrease significantly.


There are numerous reasons why housing prices have risen so dramatically. One cause is the long bureaucratic process...

Giving the Gift of Home

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When we think of wedding gifts for the newlyweds what do we typically think of? Silverware, set of dishes, honeymoon trip, furniture, gift certificates etc….

What if, instead of buying the standard, beautiful and useful wedding gifts, people grouped together to contribute to the down payment for the purchase of a home for the newlyweds? Sounds expensive at first, and certainly I am not bringing this to your attention to add another layer of pressure to the daily monetary pressures that we all have. This information is really for those who may want to consider an alternative in the way they disburse their hard-earned savings, and who have the capability to help their friends and...

Netanya: The Beauty of Seaside Living

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Although most of my clients enjoy the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem life, others prefer beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, and the slower pace and charm of a coastal town. For many of these clients, Netanya is a good fit.


Netanya, which literally means “Given By G-d,” was established 85 years ago and named in honor of Nathan Straus, a merchant - who co-owned Macy’s and Abraham & Straus department stores - philanthropist and public servant. Straus had donated a majority of his personal fortune to Jewish causes in then-Palestine, and the hope was that by naming the city after him, Straus would bequeath additional funds to this new settlement. Alas, they came...

Ask the Realtor: The First Steps

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I am thinking of buying a home.  What should be my first steps?

The first thing is to be qualified by a mortgage broker to determine what you can really afford together with taxes, home insurance, and monthly mortgage payments.   There is no point, falling in love with homes that do not fit in the parameters of what you can realistically afford.  If you do not mind purchasing a home that needs a lot of work, you can also see if you are eligible to get a construction loan if that is a route you would consider taking.  It is important to be clear on what your options are, so you can enjoy home ownership with all its benefits.  The next step is to find yourself an accomplished Real...

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