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It’s all about the deal bout the deal - Not rate

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Or, Why a mortgage is not just about a rate

There are many variables that go into each and every mortgage deal, and every deal is unique unto the borrower. The helpful guidelines below will help you better understand the components of a rate quote and the effects on pricing.

1. Mortgage rates fluctuate daily. Some lenders...

Givat Shmuel Offers Vibrant Community

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Givat Shmuel is a city located in Israel’s “Mercaz”—or central district—and is the largest and fastest-growing community of English-speaking students, young professionals, and newly married olim. By studying its history, location, and dynamics, we can understand how Givat Shmuel has become a hub for this important demographic.

Founded in 1944, Givat Shmuel was named after Samuel Pineles, a Romanian Zionist leader who was influential in helping Romanian Jews emigrate and settle in Israel. The city is well-located, less than 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv, and is bordered by Bnai Brak and Ramat Gan to the west, Kiryat Ono to the south, and Petach Tikvah to the east and north. It...

Avoid These Don’ts to Get Your Mortgage Financing

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When you apply for a mortgage loan, avoiding the obstacles below will help minimize any delays during the mortgage process and lead to a smoother, quicker closing (also, forewarned is forearmed).

1. Don’t change your job, quit, or become self-employed before you apply for or during the processing of your mortgage. Job security and consistency are key factors in the approval process. If you change your job, you may need 30 days on the new job to count the income, and if you switch to self-employment (your own company or you work on commission) you need 2 years of self-employment to use that income to qualify. In addition, lenders will verify income by calling the current employer...

Advantages and Disadvantages of an “Acquisition Group”

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A few years ago, my client wanted to buy an apartment through an Acquisition Group. However, his attorney dissuaded him from participating. Interestingly, over the past few months, a number of my clients joined Acquisition Groups in Modiin and central Jerusalem. What is an Acquisition Group (AG), what are the risks, and when is it worthwhile to join?


Buying a home through an AG—or “Kevutzat Rechisha”—is the latest trend in Israel, and there are hundreds of these groups across the country.

Rather than purchasing a not-yet-built apartment “on paper” from a developer, the acquisition group members join together and purchase the land and hire a project manager to...

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