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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…

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What does the world of wrestling have in common with the world of interior design? Actually, quite a lot. In fact, just for fun, I looked up the definition of wrestling and its description read like this: “A sport in which two competitors attempt to unbalance, control or immobilize each other by various holds and...

Protecting Your Home During the Winter

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The yearly end of Daylight Savings Time brings with it the reminder that it is time to prepare your home to survive the onslaughts of the winter months. In addition to what must be done by people who will occupy their homes during the winter there are added procedures and concerns for those who will not be on the premises at this time — owners of vacation homes and snowbirds who leave their primary residences vacant for several months. Preparations involve both indoor and outdoor items.

Owners who will remain in residence and those who will be away should both think in terms of energy efficiency. If you heat via a furnace, do a heating system checkup and cleaning; clean filters each...

There’s No Need to Hibernate on Your Home Search This Winter

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As temperatures drop, people all over the country are getting ready for cold snow and warm holiday cheer. While eggnog and mistletoe sales go up this time of year, the housing market generally hits a slump during the winter. This is especially true in northern states, where the cold seriously affects buying behaviors.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but perhaps the most important is that most people aren’t motivated to do much of anything when it’s cold. That said, homebuyers who can muster the gumption to find a house during the winter can reap some major financial benefits.

Home Prices Often Drop With the Temperature

The biggest advantage to buying in the winter...

Is It Safe to Come Out From Under the Covers?

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Between this contentious election season and the plunge into darkness from daylight savings time, I, for one, would like to curl up into a ball right now. With the changing of the guard, uncertainty is afoot. Craving a feeling of safety is pretty everyday stuff for most of us, but when life throws me for a loop, I take action where I can and shore up my nest.

The Chinese practice a system of furniture arrangement that strives to harmonize you with your surrounding environment. It is called Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway). Feng shui promotes general well-being by paying attention to how life force energy or “qi”, pronounced (chee) flows through your dwelling. This is what people...

Why Is My House Not Selling?

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Even the most wonderful, accurately priced homes in the best locations do not always sell quickly. Sometimes, the reasons are beyond the seller’s control because a local market may be experiencing the impact of economic forces over which the individual seller has no control—for example, if the economy is in recession or if a major employer has left the area. These considerations aside, there are a few factors upon which most experienced real estate agents Agree.

First, the home must be correctly priced. When a property is on the market for a long time, buyers naturally ask why it has not sold. My honest answer is almost always that the owner initially insisted upon an asking price...

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