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Construction Project Manager: Luxury or Necessity?

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My client wanted to purchase an apartment in a particular building in Jerusalem’s lovely Talbieh community but had no interest in doing renovations. “Find me a renovated 3-bedroom apartment in this building and I’ll purchase it immediately,” was his directive. We canvassed the entire building numerous times, but...

Tips for Buying and Selling a Home

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What is the best way to keep my family and home safe for showings?

Realtors do their best to try and screen their clients before showings and try to make sure they are qualified. Many of us accomplished agents also know each other in the industry, so there is an element of trust when showings take place. Besides the usual advice about cleaning the house and decluttering, there are a few important things a seller can do to prepare their home before opening it to the public. Remove all personal pictures whenever possible. Lock up your prescription medications and all your jewelry. Expensive paintings or sculpture if not insured should be put in storage, if possible. Make sure you are...

Four Big Differences Between Renting and Homeownership

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 62.9 percent of homes are currently inhabited by their owners. This means that a majority of people would rather own than rent, which clearly draws a line between the two. So, exactly what is the difference between homeownership and renting?

1. Repairs are your responsibility

One of the first aspects of homeownership people realize is the fact that they are pretty much on their own. One of the most important distinctions of renting is that any sort of repairs that are needed around the house are provided by the landlord. While some people may find comfort in the fact that they won’t be expected to learn how to fix a broken pipe or buy a new...

Manufactured Homes Make Home Ownership Affordable

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(StatePoint) If homeownership feels like it’s beyond your reach, don’t throw in the towel just yet on the American dream. In the face of an ever-widening housing affordability gap, there are options you may not have considered, say experts.

“Manufactured homes are commonly available at lower monthly payments than what it costs to rent, providing an affordable path to homeownership for millions of Americans,” says Richard Jennison, president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

Indeed, nationwide, there are 8.6 million manufactured homes, representing nearly 10 percent of the nation’s housing stock, according to MHI.

These days, manufactured homes are being...

Babyproofing Your Home or Apartment

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Congratulations! You’re about to become parents for the first time! After you’ve digested the news and told the family, uncertainty and perhaps a touch of panic set in. What must you do to make certain that your house or apartment is as safe as possible for your new arrival?

Childproofing a home is part common sense and part research. The common-sense component involves imagining that you are a baby and a toddler, and envisioning the universe through your child’s eyes. This may involve something as basic as pretending that you are crawling or walking for the first time. Get down on the floor and investigate. What are the hazards that present themselves, such as unguarded...

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