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Durable Décor Upgrades That Add Comfort and Style to Your Home

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(StatePoint) Interior upgrades should make a big impact -- adding style and comfort to your home. They should also last a long time, even if you have a busy household, with lots of foot traffic.

To add both form and function to your living spaces, consider the following ideas.

Paint and Decorate

Sometimes going from drab...

Eminent Domain—Can the Government Really Condemn My Property? What Can I Do About It?

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Most Americans are familiar with the concept of eminent domain, which is generally defined as the government’s right to take private property for a public purpose, provided that just compensation is provided to the property owner. Put another way, eminent domain is the government’s power to take private property and convert it to public use. Federal, state and local governments, and other agencies or designated entities, may take private property via eminent domain and they may also regulate it by exercising their police power, which is an inherent power of government to impose restrictions on private rights to insure such objectives as public health, welfare, peace and quiet and...

Mocha Latte or a Home? That’s the Question

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Yes, I know many of you can have a home and a mocha latte, and that you don’t have to choose between them. I also know many of you would choose the mocha latte over the home. Some of you may be currently in school, or newly working with a fixed salary, or newly self-employed, and have no rich relatives to go to (or rich relatives that you don’t speak to anymore). Planning is key, and you may just have to choose between saving for a down payment on a home or drinking a latte, but, if you ask me, I think you’ll find it to be a pretty good tradeoff.

There are many low down-payment programs that range from 1 percent down and higher, and they each have their own underwriting...

Four Crucial Details That Might Get Overlooked in Your Home Inspection

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Before closing on a house, it’s important to make sure it’s in good condition and free of any major flaws. That’s where a home inspection comes in.

While not necessarily required, most real estate agents advise clients to hire an inspector to check out the property before any decisions are finalized. To the first-time home buyer, a home inspection might sound like the perfect way to determine whether there are any problems with the home. But this notion isn’t exactly accurate.

The truth is, a home inspection only goes so deep, and there are plenty of issues an inspector can overlook during an assessment of a property. Before celebrating positive inspection results, make sure...

Jerusalem’s Streets: Neighborhood Themes

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Throughout the world, many neighborhoods have groups of streets with names related to a specific theme. For example, growing up in Long Beach, New York, I lived on Walnut Street and my friends lived on Olive, Pine, Maple and Beech. Likewise, before making aliyah, we lived in Bergenfield on Westminster Avenue, and the neighboring streets were Rector, Tudor, Highgate, Thames and Hampton.

Similarly, most of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods have street name themes. Often, the names relate to famous nearby sites. For example, Abu Tor is a neighborhood situated in the southern part of the capital. Located next to Ir David, many of Abu Tor’s streets are named for King David’s relatives...

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