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Not all superheroes wear capes, and America’s many millions of teachers head into their classrooms each and every morning on a mission to educate the budding minds of the future. From watching kids grow and teaching independence, to shaping new perspectives and carving career pathways, teachers have huge responsibilities that come with massive reward.

Living amid the digital age, the landscape for teaching has rapidly evolved into an opportune hub for advanced learning. With so many new and constantly improving technologies on the market, delegating what classroom essentials you need can be a bit difficult. Using this guide, we’ll inform you of the 6 classroom essentials every new teacher needs.

#1. Classroom management software

New teacher, you’ll quickly find out just how challenging monitoring 20+ kids can be. Between keeping an eye on their behavior and staying on top of the curriculum, there are a number of different obstacles teachers inevitably face. Rather than subjecting yourself to the chaos, invest in helpful classroom management software.

These systems are specifically designed to do everything from monitor student activity to restricting internet access to inappropriate or dangerous websites.

#2. Cleaning supplies

Mistakes happen, and they’re especially common when you work with younger children. To avoid the infamous panic-scramble to clean up an untimely mess, make sure your classroom is well stocked with cleaning supplies. To ensure you have easy access to everything you may need, place your cleaning supplies in an organized and designated space that’s convenient and easily reached. Make sure your clean-up kit includes the following products:

       Extra toilet paper and tissues
       Stain remover
       Hand sanitizer
       Antibacterial wipes
       Paper towels
       Magic eraser

#3. Art supplies

Art time is likely the most exciting part of the school day for kids. The great number of supplies and the more diverse your collection of supplies, the higher your student engagement. When choosing what products to get, keep in mind that kids are careless, items will be lost, and investing in anything that pushes your budget likely won’t be worthwhile. While you want to keep your inventory large, you also want to make sure there are no hard feelings should a student ruin any of the supplies.

Consider stocking up on these must-have craft supplies to make art time special:

       Washable markers
       Permanent markers
       Construction paper
       Colored pencils
       Origami paper
       Cardboard paper

#4. Interactive display tools

One of the most useful tools developed within the educational tech scene is the interactive whiteboard. Though they may be expensive upfront, the long-term pay off will show itself almost immediately. Both schools and businesses across the globe have turned to interactive electronic whiteboards to reap the many benefits these classroom tools have proven to bear.


The benefits of an interactive whiteboard include:

       Increased student engagement
       Enhanced student-teacher collaboration
       Heightened learning retention
       Improved document annotation
       Enabled interconnectivity with mobile devices

#5. Carpet squares

Classroom organization can be chaotic when kid’s get excited, misbehave, and put on the theatrics for dramatic effect. Should order in the classroom be at the top of your priority list, consistent direction and organization can serve as a complete gamechanger.

 Rather than allowing students to choose where they want to sit during group activities, assign them a colored carpet square. This will relieve much of the headache you face when it comes time to rally everyone together for a task and gives the kids some structure so they always know what to expect.

#6. Storage space

Generally speaking, the younger the children or the more intensive the curriculum, the more storage space needed in the classroom. While your commonplace shelving serves as an excellent home for all of your classroom art supplies, there are so many other things (i.e. books, games, kids’ belongings, etc.) that need an organized home, too.

 Rather than cramming everything onto one shelf, consider increasing your storage space by outfitting your room with plastic bins and drawers.

 Figuring out how you want your class to be organized is half the battle—making sure everything comes together in seamless order is another. Make it a point to demonstrate to your students that everything in the classroom has a home and that it’s everyone’s job to clean up when things get messy. With these six classroom essentials, you’ll be well prepared to tackle the school year!


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