Saturday, May 30, 2020

“Doing laundry is a calming experience,” said no one. Ever.

The owners of Valet Laundry in Little Ferry are capitalizing on that. Since this concierge service opened, doing laundry has been made much easier for many households in the area. Many who have always found doing laundry a necessary evil have eagerly grabbed on to this new phenomenon. Now the owners are reminding families that the company is ready and willing to wash the dirty, smelly clothing, linens and other items that their children will be bringing home from camp in a few weeks.

Just remove shoes and other non-washable items from the duffel bags and call Valet Laundry, and within 24 hours the laundry will be washed, sorted, folded and returned. Want to keep your children’s disgusting camp items separate? Put boys’ clothing in one bag and girls’ in another and the laundry will be returned exactly that way, making it much easier to put everything back into the appropriate drawers at home.

Families who have multiple children at camp can certainly benefit from Valet Laundry  services. Instead of spending the last two weeks of the summer washing and drying multiple loads of post-camp clothing and linens, with all the pretreating that typically entails, just call Valet Laundry. Clothing, blankets, sheets and even those duffel bags will be washed, dried and returned while the family enjoys some end-of-summer bonding. Take advantage of the extra-large machines that Valet Laundry has on its premises. There is no maximum allowable size for laundered items, so camp comforters can be cleaned with ease.

The adage of  “needing a vacation” after summer vacation ends will no longer apply when it comes to laundering post-camp clothing, as Valet Laundry will do all the work, leaving families with clean and folded clothes and linens, and a lot more free time.

Looking ahead to the chagim, Valet Laundry is prepared to freshen all quilts, blankets and pillows before families receive holiday guests, and then wash and fold all bedding once these guests leave.


Be sure to call Valet Laundry and take advantage of the coupon that is available in their ad in The Jewish Link. Call 646-918-4444 or contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

By Nina Glick



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